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Pato Margetic


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My name is Pato. I am 23 years old, half Argentine and named after my Dad who played professional futbol for a living. Any charisma and energy in me comes from him, and most of my creative genes root from my mom and the rest of the family who are artists as well.

HERE’S MY STORY I've been creating original music for over 10 years now. I started performing my own songs out on popular street corners around Metro Detroit at the age of 16. I would collect tips and use them for any recording time and new equipment. After a few years I became a familiar face on the streets and in local cities & people would give me referrals to play at their bar, or friend’s restaurant, or daughter's birthday party, and I slowly worked my way into becoming a full time performer.

As for any inspiring adventures I can proudly say I've experienced many. Traveling runs in my blood because of the many moves from my Dad's career. I had numerous homes growing up between Chicago & Detroit, Ohio, Kansas City, and even Germany...When I was 18 I left home and went to live in Santa Monica, California. I worked hard nights at the bar and harder days as a performer on the famous 3rd Street Promenade. There I met many industry professionals and musician friends while promoting my songs with burned CD's and permanent markers.

After Cali I headed back to Detroit to continue on with my Bachelors at Oakland University. I got an apartment and at 19 I set up my first recording studio in my closet. There I produced an acoustic album called “Awaken” which has never professionally released but helped lead to my representation in Washington DC. While being at home and in school I always kept music my priority. Locally I’ve recorded at reputable studios Royal Oak, Pontiac, Ferndale, Ypsilanti, Mt. Clemens, and Detroit all through good friends and connections I’ve made in my home town. (Right now my voice is featured everyday on Detroit’s best Hip Hop and R&B station HOT 102.7 FM, introducing the Reggie Reg Show at 3 o'clock!)

At 21 I left town again for an internship at XM Satellite Radio in DC. There I mingled with some of the industry’s greatest minds and achievers and was on my way to becoming a seasoned Artist and Businessman. That same summer I flew to Nashville Tennessee to record and contribute to my growing catalog of original songs.

It was back home to Detroit at 22, and this time New York City was on my mind. I left for a small 2 week tour and performed 2 shows in the city and 2 in DC. In NYC I also collaborated with world renowned Producer Jens Gad. (Enigma, Beyonce, The Veronica’s, and many more) I left home with a trunk full of CD’s and came back with none so the tour was a success and a great beginning to the promoting my debut EP, “Day By Day”.

As for now I just returned from a family vacation in Argentina where I soaked up so much inspiration. My next step is to continue writing, performing, and recording here in Detroit while working as an Independent Artist. I will be gathering all my connections nationwide and creating a tour in the summer of 2009 so look out! Check out new videos, performances, or songs on any of my other artist profiles too...Thank YOU & enjoy!



When we were young

Written By: Pato Margetic

BY: Patricio Margetic, p/k/a Pato Margetic

“When We Were Young”
You’re my second family
You are what’s real to me
You make me feel
The most emotional

It feels as though
I still have a soul
When I reminisce the times we shared as kids

I come alive thinking all about the times
We’d walk the streets bare feet to Diary Treat with a pocket full of change

We’ve all been friends since then,
And yea the funny thing is,
I meant when I said you be the uncles of my kids…

Those were days…
No worries, all play…
Pre Chorus-
There isn’t anything anyone could ever say to me
To stop me from thinking about our memories
We’ve watched each other grow,
And we’ve still got more to go,
So let’s have a drink have a smoke, here’s a toast…to the days we were young.
(When We Were Young)
I’ve never had a stronger bond
Since the days we were young
We’ve been friends so long

We grew from boys to men
In the town of Birmingham
We’d own the alley ways behind good ol’ Olga’s Kitchen
Down Alida Avenue, it’s my family and my crew
bout to throw a BBQ cause it’s a sunny afternoon
Through high school and boutonnières
College, ciggeretes and beer, we made it through the years…
We’ve always been side by side.
But the times are changing now,
We’ve all grown up somehow
I gotta say I’m damn proud to have you in my life
Pre Chorus



XM Radio " The Flow"

Set List

"Everybody Knows" John Legend
“For What It’s Worth” - Buffalo Springfield
“Drift Away” - Doby Grey
“This Love” - Maroon 5
“Sitting on the Dock of Bay” - Otis Redding
“Heard it Through the Grapevine”- Marvin Gaye
“Let’s Get it On” - Marvin Gaye
“Ordinary People” - John Legend
“Give Me One Reason” - Traci Chapman
“Aint No Sunshine” - Bill Withers
“Who is He To You” - Bill Withers
“I Don’t Wanna Be” - Gavin Degraw
“My Girl” - The Temptations
“Cant Always Get What You Want” - The Rolling Stones
“With or Without You” - U2
“Wonderwall” – Oasis
“Champagne Supernova” – Oasis
“Change Gonna Come” - Sam Cooke
“Into the Mystic” - Van Morrison
“Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve
“Knockin on Heaven’s Door” Bob Dylan
“Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” – Bob Seger
“All These Things that I have done” – The Killers
“Stuck in The Middle” Stealers Wheel


“Day By Day”
“My Shoes”
“Let’s Leave”
“Don’t Slow Down”
“Into a Whole New Life”