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"Patrice Forde – Future Singing Sensation"

Patrice Forde, if you have not heard of her yet, is a bubbly, kind and talented Antiguan born singer who is trying to break into the mainstream music industry. From an early age, Patrice knew that she had a gifted voice. At nine, she sang with a girl gospel group called Teen Harmony and then with the St. John’s Cathedral Youth Choir.

After she finished secondary school, Patrice moved to California for further education where she continued to participate in musical activities at school and even formed a singing group called Harmonee. After the group broke up, Patrice took a break from singing until she realized that she didn’t need to sing with a group. In 2006, she stepped out on faith and began a solo career.

Patrice linked up with one of her co-workers who was producing music and had recorded three demos. This opened a new door and she discovered she had a talent for song writing. From a young age the songstress recalls writing when she experienced intense emotions. She never realized that these writings could become songs. Now this young Antiguan is about a month
shy of releasing her first album. Undeniable is a 14-track album which is currently in its final mastering stages. The album is compiled of young, upbeat (clubby) songs, and tracks about love/relationships. Patrice hopes to appeal to women of all ages but especially young women. She recalls how the songs of Destiny’s Child helped her through her teenage life. Realizing that teenagers really relate to music, she hopes to be an artist that inspires this group.

Recently Patrice made her mark in a place that many other well known artists can credit their start, The Apollo in New York City. Earlier this month, Patrice placed fourth in a competition. Her talent and upbeat personality stunned and captured the hearts of the audience through her rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine.’

Patrice recalls her nerves on the night of the show. She laughs as she recounts how the MC reminded the crowd that they could cheer or boo any contestant (contestants that are booed are kicked off stage.) He then proceeded to practice with the crowd on how to cheer and boo. Although hearing the boo’s rattled her nerves, she pressed on and made Antigua proud. She hopes that placing at the Apollo is a step in the right direction in an industry where being in the right place at the right time, with the right people is crucial. Patrice actively sings at different events and open ‘mic’ nights to continue her exposure. Her positive spirit and passion for music bubbles over. And she believes that even if she doesn’t make it big, she is glad that she had the chance to pursue her love.

Patrice Forde is another example of young talented Antiguans following their dreams, proving that this little island is a melting pot of gifted people.

Follow Patrice’s progress and listen to a few of her songs: - Sunday, 28 June 2009 05:55 Floree Williams Entertainment - Music

"Patrice Forde Releases Debut Album"

The Antiguan-born beauty, who grew up in Yorks Village, has finally released her long awaited solo album, Undeniable on Tuesday.

The album, steaming hot with 14 tracks, will be available on iTunes on the ninth of this month.

Tracks include Undeniable, Just Dance, Catch Your Breath, Destiny, If You Want It (featuring Marwan), Spend It (interlude), Don’t Get Me Started, Karma, Goodbye and I’m Leaving.

The talented Caribbean beauty has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her passion is music and she aspires to inspire people, young women especially, to never give up on their dreams no matter where they came from or who says that they can’t turn their dreams into reality.

“I began my journey to become a solo artist, with the help of Marwan, (co-executive producer/artist/songwriter),” she said. “While working on the album, I hit the open mic scene in Chicago and Indiana to get my face and talent out there and to make more music connections.

“These connections led to three of my songs, Don’t Break Yo Back, So Right and Ain’t No Changin’ You, being played on Chicago’s WGCI 107.5 FM, on their Independent Artist program (Go ILL Radio).”

“I want to thank the man upstairs first, send nuff love to my family and friends for believing in me. Thanks to Sun 100.1 FM’s, Zugu Andrew, and Vybz FM’s, Craig “Pass The Courvoisier” Edwards for showing me love on the local radio stations in my homeland,” Forde added.

After showcasing her aptitude as a child in her native Antigua, performing with a group called Teen in Harmony as they toured the island, to representing Clare Hall Secondary in the teen pageant, to singing on her church youth choir at the St John Cathedral, Patrice Forde decided, in 2006, to take an astronomical step to become a solo artist in a country she feels has bigger and better opportunities, so she headed for the US.

Forde performed in and around Chicago, Illinois (where she currently resides), singing a unique blend of R&B, Pop and Reggae. However, her main focus was “Undeniable”, whose release was pushed back from June to late September.

To preview and purchase a copy of “UNDENIABLE”, visit - Mahijah “Dellar” Davis


Preview/Purchase Patrice's newly released album, "UNDENIABLE" @ Forde



PATRICE was selected to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater on June 3rd!

PATRICE, is an Antiguan-born beauty, who grew up in a small village, on a tiny island in the Caribbean. She started out singing in the children’s choir at her church, which led to her being a part of a 3 girl gospel group, who performed around the island at numerous churches and other talent events. Patrice later got more exposure as a singer by representing her school in the island's annual Carnival pageant.

After immigrating to the United States, PATRICE continued singing in church and joined two singing groups; one of which was another 3 girl gospel group. Together, they competed in various talent shows, local christian concerts in San Diego CA, as well as getting spots during a Christmas speacial on two local tv stations.

In 2006, PATRICE decided to change things up and began her journey to become a solo artist. With help of a co-worker who gave her a few tracks to write to, she began writing and recording. After meeting with a producer/artist/songwriter (Marwan - R&B/Soul singer), recommended by another co-worker, her solo career had finally been born.

While working on her first solo album, PATRICE hit the open mic scene in Chicago and Indiana to get her face and talent out there and to make connects. These connects led to her songs Don't Break Yo Back, So Right, and Ain't No Changin You, being played on Chicago's WGCI, on their Independent Artist progam (Go Ill Radio).

On June 3rd, 2009, Igloo (CEO of Rize & Shine Ent./SSR), accompanied PATRICE to New York to compete at the legendary Apollo's Amateur Night, where she took home 4th place and a cash prize. This caused quite a buzz in her native homeland, Antigua. Since then, PATRICE has been featured in the island's local newspaper (The Daily Observer), and her music has been in rotation on two of the island's most popular radio stations Liberty ZDK's Power 100.1FM and Vybz FM.

Often described as having smooth vocals and an undeniably sexy swag, PATRICE has proven to keep her audiences captivated and wanting more. Her passion is music and she aspires to inspire people, young women especially, to never give up on their dreams no matter where they came from or who says that they can’t turn their dreams into reality. With her sultry vocals, catchy lyrics, and unique blend of R&B/Pop/Reggae flavor; this island girl from Yorks Village is well on her way to showing the world that anything is possible!

Preview/Purchase Patrice's newly released album, "UNDENIABLE" @

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--“Patrice Forde is another example of young talented Antiguans following their dreams, proving that this little island is a melting pot of gifted people.” Patrice Forde – Future Singing Sensation – Comment on Article
“Definitely a fan…Nothing contrived or forced just truly a natural talented beauty. Wishing you all the best” Rhonda (Patrice Fan)

Road To Fame Competion (Judges Remarks)

Vince Lawrence (R. Kelly's "Ignition" Remix/Slang Music Group
--“The singer's are singing tonight! Man that was really good... i was impressed, like your style.”

Susanna Homan (Exec. Editor, Michigan Avenue Magazine)
--“That was pitch perfect in every way, i love your look... you really nailed the was a total pleasure to watch, i loved it!"

David Viggiano (FOX News Entertainment)
--“It was a wonderful performance! You look great...great song did a great job."

Kim Ortiz – WGCI 107.5 Listener’s Comment on Youtube
“I heard "so right" on wgci tonight.i love it!”

Mary-Kate – Patrice Fan
“Hey Patrice i just wanted to say hi and i wish you luck at the next venue you go to. I love your song "karma" it's really catchy…I just wanted to tell you that you should keep singing…I also sent your video "karma" to at least 20 of my friends and they love it.”

Daily Observer (Antigua, West Indies)
--“One of Antigua & Barbuda’s songbirds, Patrice Forde, performed last Wednesday at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City (NYC)” Antiguan Lands 4th Place At Apollo’s ‘Amateur Night’

--“Patrice Forde is striving to achieve her childhood dreams of making it big in the United States music world.” Forde on the Road to Stardom.

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