Smooth vocals + Edgy sound + Sexy swagg = PATRICE


PATRICE was selected to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater on June 3rd!

PATRICE, is an Antiguan-born beauty, who grew up in a small village, on a tiny island in the Caribbean. She started out singing in the children’s choir at her church, which led to her being a part of a 3 girl gospel group, who performed around the island at numerous churches and other talent events. Patrice later got more exposure as a singer by representing her school in the island's annual Carnival pageant.

After immigrating to the United States, PATRICE continued singing in church and joined two singing groups; one of which was another 3 girl gospel group. Together, they competed in various talent shows, local christian concerts in San Diego CA, as well as getting spots during a Christmas speacial on two local tv stations.

In 2006, PATRICE decided to change things up and began her journey to become a solo artist. With help of a co-worker who gave her a few tracks to write to, she began writing and recording. After meeting with a producer/artist/songwriter (Marwan - R&B/Soul singer), recommended by another co-worker, her solo career had finally been born.

While working on her first solo album, PATRICE hit the open mic scene in Chicago and Indiana to get her face and talent out there and to make connects. These connects led to her songs Don't Break Yo Back, So Right, and Ain't No Changin You, being played on Chicago's WGCI, on their Independent Artist progam (Go Ill Radio).

On June 3rd, 2009, Igloo (CEO of Rize & Shine Ent./SSR), accompanied PATRICE to New York to compete at the legendary Apollo's Amateur Night, where she took home 4th place and a cash prize. This caused quite a buzz in her native homeland, Antigua. Since then, PATRICE has been featured in the island's local newspaper (The Daily Observer), and her music has been in rotation on two of the island's most popular radio stations Liberty ZDK's Power 100.1FM and Vybz FM.

Often described as having smooth vocals and an undeniably sexy swag, PATRICE has proven to keep her audiences captivated and wanting more. Her passion is music and she aspires to inspire people, young women especially, to never give up on their dreams no matter where they came from or who says that they can’t turn their dreams into reality. With her sultry vocals, catchy lyrics, and unique blend of R&B/Pop/Reggae flavor; this island girl from Yorks Village is well on her way to showing the world that anything is possible!

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--“Patrice Forde is another example of young talented Antiguans following their dreams, proving that this little island is a melting pot of gifted people.” Patrice Forde – Future Singing Sensation – Comment on Article
“Definitely a fan…Nothing contrived or forced just truly a natural talented beauty. Wishing you all the best” Rhonda (Patrice Fan)

Road To Fame Competion (Judges Remarks)

Vince Lawrence (R. Kelly's "Ignition" Remix/Slang Music Group
--“The singer's are singing tonight! Man that was really good... i was impressed, like your style.”

Susanna Homan (Exec. Editor, Michigan Avenue Magazine)
--“That was pitch perfect in every way, i love your look... you really nailed the was a total pleasure to watch, i loved it!"

David Viggiano (FOX News Entertainment)
--“It was a wonderful performance! You look great...great song did a great job."

Kim Ortiz – WGCI 107.5 Listener’s Comment on Youtube
“I heard "so right" on wgci tonight.i love it!”

Mary-Kate – Patrice Fan
“Hey Patrice i just wanted to say hi and i wish you luck at the next venue you go to. I love your song "karma" it's really catchy…I just wanted to tell you that you should keep singing…I also sent your video "karma" to at least 20 of my friends and they love it.”

Daily Observer (Antigua, West Indies)
--“One of Antigua & Barbuda’s songbirds, Patrice Forde, performed last Wednesday at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City (NYC)” Antiguan Lands 4th Place At Apollo’s ‘Amateur Night’

--“Patrice Forde is striving to achieve her childhood dreams of making it big in the United States music world.” Forde on the Road to Stardom.

3/20/2010 - DuSable Museum
2/18/2010 - Walter Payton's Roundhouse
2/12/2010 - The Patio (IN)
2/6/2010 - Le Tout Studio
1/16/2010 - US Beer Company (Cred Fest)
1/8/2010 - Freedom Hall Nathan Manilow Theater
12/22/2009 - Cedar Village of Arlington Heights
12/21/2009 - Abbington Rehab and Nursing
12/18/2009 - Cedar Village Schaumburg North
12/18/2009 - Cedar Village Schaumburg South
12/16/2009 - Manor Care He


Don't Break Yo Back

Written By: Patrice Forde and Marwan Abdullah

Don’t Break Yo Back
Written by: Marwan Abdullah and Patrice Forde
Copyright 2008

I’mma do this, you can do that
I’mma do this, you can do that
Make it look like ya try’na break yo back
Make it look like ya try’na break yo back
I’mma do this, you can do that
I’mma do this, you can do that
I’mma do this, you can do that
Don’t break yo back

Tell me just what it is that you want from me
Promise to do my best to fulfill your needs
Don’t be afraid if I put my hands on you
In some ways that you’re not accustomed to

Aint nobody gotta know what’s goin on
(Aint nobody gotta know)
Between me and you
So we can do what we want the whole night long
(Come on let’s do it boy)
So let’s do what we do


I can tell that you aint never tried that before
When we get through you gon’ be doin it like you a pro
So do you know how to work it or is it just for show
If it’s too fast for you baby just let me know

Aint nobody gotta know what’s goin on
(Aint nobody gotta know)
Between me and you
So we can do what we want the whole night long
(Come on let’s do it girl)
So let’s do what we do

HOOK (2x)

Come on watch me while I do this (while I do this)
I’mma watch you while you do that
Move with me baby we can do that (we can do that)
Come on and work it with me



Written By: Marwan Abdullah

Written by: Marwan Abdullah
Copyright 2009

So how you gon’ undo this
It was much more than a kiss
Help me to understand
Well I’m listening boyfriend
While you were on the phone
Not knowing I was home
You told someone you don’t love me no more

All I ever wanted was
(You and I)
All you ever did was
(Make me cry)
But now I finally got the courage to say
All I ever wanted was
(You and I)
All you ever did was
(Make me cry)
But now I finally got the courage

Now all respect and trust
Have crumble into dust
And all the love we used to share
Is no longer there
I wanna curl on up and die
Please tell me why
Has it all been a lie from the start

HOOK (2x)

I used to think that you and I
Would never part, no way…no
Everything that I hoped for was never meant to be
So I guess for you and me
This is goodbye


So Right

Written By: Flamond "Flo" Brown

So Right
A Vonderlab Production Copyright 2008

I been waitin oh so patient
That I can’t wait no mo-oh-oh-oh
I gave you all my lovin baby
That I can’t wait no mo-oh-oh-oh

I just can’t replace your touch
Miss your love and it feels (so right so ri-ight)
I can never get enough you’re the only one I trust
You (so right so ri-ight)


It feels (so right) when I came (through the do’)
Tryna spoil (me with change) tryna spoil (me with clothes) no
Don’t (really care) bout the things (that a glow)
All I want (is your love) that’s the way (that it goes) boy
Don’t (really care) bout the people (that talk)
It wont work (if we apart) I’m the light and (you the spark)
Leave them haters (in the dark) they just tryna (make it hard)
Here’s the keys (to my heart) when you ready (we can start) boy


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