Patrice Servant

Patrice Servant

 Trois-Rivières, Quebec, CAN

With their second album, Chasse-Galerie, MAZ pushes the envelope and explores the melding of Québec trad and electric jazz that earned the group a Juno nomination in 2012. Imagine a collective work, where Rhodes piano and electric guitar walk down the aisle with fiddle, bass and banjo, accompanied by wild foot percussions. A brilliant interaction among talented musicians in an unexpected atmosphere that reveals a unique modern perspective on Québec’s instrumental culture, past and present.



Patrice Servant was born on January 5th 1979 in Buckingham, Qubec. At 4 years old, he was constantly asking his parents for guitar lessons. But it is only at 6 years old that his wish came true, beggining studying the guitar in private for a couple of years and then moving to the Conservatoire de Musique du Qubec, with teacher Patrick Roux, for a total of 19 years wich awarded him 2 diplomas: D.E.S.M.2 (Diplme d'tudes Suprieures en Musique), in classical guitar interprtation and chamber music. While at the Conservatory, he also studied percussions, composing, harmon, counterpoint, writing and editing music, as well as theory and solfege.

He will then pursue his studies in latin music in Peru (2001) and flamenco guitar in Spain (2008), with teachers Oscar Guzman, Pedro Sierra, Jesus Torres, Andrs Hernandez et Raul Garcia Zarate.

He also studied in Masterclasses with important guitarists such as:
Pepe Romero (Espagne), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Norbert Kraft (Canada), Hubert Kappel (Allemagne), Roland Dyens (France), Ricardo Cobo (Etas-Unis), Elliot Fisk (Allemagne).

Other workshops with :
Jazz: Didier Lockwood (France), Sbastien Groulx et Denis Poliquin (Canada),
Recording, composing and scoring: SPACQ (2004-2005), Roger Gurin, Rolly Anctil et Jol Pruneau,
Music business: with Gary Crystal, Derek Andrews, SPACQ, SOPREF, APEM, Rideau, Roseq, etc.

Patrice has been invited as a jury for the Canada Arts Council, Cgeps en Spectacle, International Guitar Festival of Abitibi, and the Outaouais school of music.

In 2007, Patrice registers ES Productions, an album and concert production company. It's first realization will be a DVD ''Servantes Live! Salle Odysse'', in 2007. In 2009, coming back from Spain, he produces a 74 minutes album named Bluesy AndaLucy, with more than 15 canadian and spanish artists. In 2010, he produces a book for advanced guitarists and a show presenting the history of the guitar with more than 60 instruments and 25 artists and technicicans called STRUM.

Awards and prizes

1st Prize at Concours de Musique du Canada in 1994
1st Prize at Concours Guitare-Mauricie in 1996
1st Prize at Concours CIMF Rock-Dtente-Conservatoire de Musique a Hull in 1996
2nd Prize at Concours de musique Contemporaine du Qubec in 1997
1st Prize at Concours Guitare-Drummond in 1998
1st Prize at et public prize at Cgeps en spectacles in 1997 and 1st Prize in 1998
1st Prizes at Concours de musique Kiwanis (1990, 1991, 1992)
7 times 1st Prize at concours du festival de lacadmie Mlinik from 1986 to 1990
Nationnal finalist at YTV Achievements Awards''


Conseil des Arts du Canada (Musicien Professionnel Titre Individuel, 2008)
Conseil des Arts du Canada (Enregistrement Sonore, 2009)
Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Qubec (Cration, 2009)
Conseil des Arts de l'Ontario (Enregistrement Sonore, 2008)
Musicaction (Production d'album, Commercialisation et Vitrines Musicales)
Emploi Qubec and Jeunes Volontaires, 2009
Conservatoire de Musique du Qubec and Acadmie de musique et de danse du Domaine Forget, 1998
Office Qubcois pour la jeunesse, 2001
Some performances...

Private concert for General Governor of Canada Michalle Jean in 2007
Opening for Wynton Marsalis at the Internationnal d'Ottawa Jazz Festival in 2008
Picasso's exhibition Grand Opening at Muse de Qubec, 2004
Soloist with The Nationnal Arts Center Ochestra, directed by Boris Brott in 1998
Solo Concert at Primero Encuentro International at the Conservatory of music in Lima, Peru in 2001
Solo Concert at Socit de Guitare de Montral
Solo Concert for The Winnipeg Guitar Society
Live TV Concert with soprano Renee Lapointe on Bravo! Television
Concert at Beaux Dimanches de Radio-Canada with Le Groupe Swing
Opening Ceremony of the Trans-Canadien Trail


(Composer, musician, producer and executive producer) Album, Bluesy AndaL


Servantes - Bluesy Andalucy