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"This girl Screams!"

Gaubrielle Sayles of California, says that this girl dosn't just sang, she screams meaning she is a blessing to the nations. I just love her so much. Step back at watch God at work in her life as well as her vocals. She really brings it. - Barbara Sayles of California

"Good As New"

Dana Pride, Events Coordinator of Spellman College in Atlanta states: Patricia's voice and melodies sound twice as good as grade school. I support her ministry 100 and then some. - Dana Pride

"My Friend"

Patricia is a long time friend of mine. I have always thought that she would do big and great things in the Gospel field. I just love Patricia and her ministry. She is truly gifted and annoited. Her It's Not About Me CD is a blessing! - Stacey Long (Witchita Kansas)


Patricia has released a single called: It's Not About Me. Believe Him When You Pray, and is now back in the studio to complete her third Album called: The Seduction



Patricia Rogers is the 4th eldest of 10 children born to Mr. and Mrs. Clay Johnson of Yazoo Mississippi. Her parents moved from Mississippi to Kansas City when she was just a small child. Kansas City Mo, is where she was raised up as a child. Singing has always been a passion for Patricia. As far as she can remember, she was raised up all around music. Her father(Clay), use to sing in the adult choir at the Zion Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City. She enjoyed the sounds that came from the choir and wished so very hard that she could do the very same Thing.
This one particular Sunday, Patricia just started Singing out loud and to her surprise she enjoyed it very much. Patricia got baptised at a very early age and before you know it, she too, was singing in the young adult choir. As she got older she began to really discovered what the Lord had in store for her. She didn't realize it, but she was a songwriter as well. When Patricia discovered that she could write lyrics to the music that she heard in her head, she began to seek after people that could abstract those sounds from her head to the keyboard of a piano. She started working with a young lady by the name of Earline Baldwin and a man by the name of Charles Sanders. She finally released her very first single called: Believe Him When You Pray. It did very very well.

After realizing that this is what she wanted to do in life she started seeking out for more intresting people to work with. Her songwriting skills got better and more intresting. The more life poured at her, the better songs she was able to produce. She worked on her second CD, called It's Not About Me, with a man name Roosevelt Baskin. This really sparked the attention of certain people in the radio industry. She began to receive air play from KPRT AM. She also received air play from the Manning Brothers show. She received air play with the same CD from a few other stations. Patricia has written over 200 songs strong, and is still being inspired from on high to continue belting them out. Patricia has endured the lost of her Mother, her Father, her close sister and her dear Grandmother. Inspite of all of the love that she has lost within the last few years, God still has her on a mission that man can't sway her from.

Patricia is on a very awesome natural high and said that drugs hasn't anything to do with her high. She wants to encourage everyone that love to receive blessings to get on the spirtual high that she is on. God gave this high to her, and it feels good. Her high is contagious and all she wants to know is>>>>