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Patricia Cleary


I am non-performing songwriter working toward commercial-level songwriting.

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Already Spoken For

Written By: Patricia Cleary/Christoper Meziere

Already Spoken For
Copyright 2012 Patricia Cleary / Christopher Meziere
Demo: Lorna Flowers Productions

Nine years old and shy
Her first middle school dance
A red-haired boy, blue suit and tie
Came up to her, to ask
For the last dance of the night
And pointed out to the floor
But she smiled at her dad and told them both
I'm already spoken for
(Already spoken for)

By high school that red-haired boy
Had won over her heart
Walked to school every day
They were never far apart
Senior year a dark-haired boy
Tried to tempt her with his black two-door
But she stood her ground and told him
I'm already spoken for
(Already spoken for)

They married and raised a family
Had twin girls with eyes of green
Making their way thru life
Knowing Love was all they need

Her hand brushed his red-gray hair
As her last breaths came
His hand took hold of hers
And he softly spoke her name
He said he'd never let her go
They'd be together forever more
But she looked up to God and told her love
I'm already spoken for
(Already spoken for)

Already, already
I'm already spoken for