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Patricia Moncayo Band

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | SELF

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | SELF
Band Latin Folk


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Artist : Patricia Moncayo
Album: Renacer
Genre: Latin American Jazz – Fusion
Year: 2010
Country: Colombia

The preproduction of this work began on November of 2009 and it started to be recorded on January of 2010, then, it was mastered and mixed among May and June of that year. This CD presents a “Latin American Fusion” of rhythms from Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, with the jazz and harmonies language and improvisations.

Renacer is a conceived work to feature the wealth of musical styles of South America and to try to introduce our traditional music into the international market. All this, with contemporary arrangements and re-harmonization using Jazz as primary source.

The sextet format showcases the different textures of jazz. This fresh, simple and modern “Fusion” invites to discover some of the most representative rhythms of those countries,

The musicians: Oscar Stagnaro and Paulo Stagnaro (Peru), Mark Walker (USA), Orlando Barreda “Batanga” (Cuba), Tico Arnedo and Moisés Herrera (Colombia), all of them provide a great “Cultural Diversity”, which is the most important ingredient in this musical trip through of all these Musical genres. This fusion creates a marvelous blend, full of sounds, colors, dynamics, styles and rhythms, from wide South American music genres.

The repertoire also features two of the most renowned Latin American Composers: Antonio Carlos Jobim (Brazil) and Aldemaro Romero (Venezuela) in Shuffle and Candombe respectively.

It makes an interesting adaptation from the hit’s British pop star, Sting (Fields of Gold) to Landó, a beautiful traditional Peruvian rhythm. Patricia presents in this adaptation, a Spanish version completely different from the original composed by Sting, and she try to draw the displaced people issue, unfortunately common in her country.

Also, presents three songs from the Cuban composer and arranger Alfredo Nodarse, whom brings poetry and romanticism in two Brazilian musical rhythms: Afoxé and Bolero. These songs are contrasting with the deep and social message that Patricia exposé through two of her songs. One of them was written as Bambuco, the most traditional rhythm from Colombia’s Andean Zone.

Finally, the track that gives name to the CD is an introspection of the evolution and development of Patricia’s personal life and career.

Renacer is a new beginning, a new time, where prevails the every day simplicity, the real esthetic and artistic commitment, and the music made with honesty, love and passion , that wants sharing and communicates the great happiness of doing what you want and loving what you do.



Colombian singer born in Tuluá- Valle del Cauca. Patricia started her singing Studies at the age of 16 with the Soprano Silvia Moskovitch and was under her guidance for two years. Then, began her musical studies at Luis A. Calvo Academy of Music, and met the Cuban Baritone Ramon Calzadilla who was her maestro for the five years next.

Her artistic career has been developed in a wide range of genres. She began professionally on 1994, singing traditional folklore, from the Colombian Andean zone, on several music festivals in her country.

On 1997, she decided focus in popular singing instead of classical singing, and started to try Jazz and Brazilian music, following and studying music from artist like Jobim, Elis Regina, Tania Maria, Ella, Vaughan and many others.

On 2000, Patricia was signed by the Mexican record company Balboa Records to be the leader singer in a recognized Latin Band, singing majority Cuban music. With them, she traveled around the world during four years, recorded six albums and won "Lo Nuestro Award" in Miami for Best Traditional Performance.

Also, Patricia has developed her own popular singing method based in the classical singing technique, which works successfully with her students, who are majority music students and professional singers. At the same time, between 2000 and 2009, as she stayed in Bogotá, Patricia was singing with her trio in a hotel. There, she could gather a wide repertoire from Jazz, Brazilian music and Latin American folklore. This let her tried new sounds and blends.

On 2009, Patricia met renowned Latin Jazz bass player Oscar Stagnaro. On October she decided quits her job at the hotel and, had found Oscar, was the perfect opportunity to begin her new project. Patricia began the recording of RENACER on 2010, with Oscar as Producer.

Here, Patricia presents a "Latin American Fusion" with this alluring musical trip, which invites to discover the beauty of her folklore 's country and the wealth of her South American roots, with Jazz as primary source.