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Patrick the music was absolutely AWESOME! WOW! You've got some
talents! I am not kidding at all! I was thinking as I was listening to it, that God has given you a spectacular gift! YOU are AMAZING! The music is so inspirational!!!! Great job - Anonymous


his music is just AMAZING!!! WOW~it's absolutely gorgeous! Or course, I had to come here (library) to listen to it, but I listened to all the songs and they're so cool! - Anonymous


Check out my songs in the Audio section!

I also have a few arrangements that I made of other artist's songs, and hymns.



Please note:
I am canceling this website, and it will be down soon. If you want to listen to my music, see my videos, and read my lyrics/commentary, please visit my new site:


Hi everyone!
I have just recently began to work on the very final instrumental takes on my album. I am trying to get the reverb, mixing, and instrumentation perfect. It is taking some time, but soon I will be able to do the vocals, and then publish my first album, "It's By Your Blood".
I also started working on my 2nd album, "A Glance In The Mirror". I think that a lot of people in Christendom need the true Gospel, and most of the saved Church need a reality check. Often times I see Christians who are no different from the world, they need to look at themselves in the mirror of God's law, and find out that they are not good, and that many things done today as normal practices are sinful according to God's law. This is what my next album will primarily be about, spreading the Gospel and pointing out the wrongness in some of the practices of today that some Christians (Or those who claim to be, rather) choose to participate in. Many people believe that they are saved, bible believing Christians because they went to church last week and read their bible Sunday morning instead of watching their favorite TV show. If you look at the fruit that they are bearing, it is not fruit of righteousness, holiness, and a pure walk with God. When one cannot see the difference between themselves and the world, they can be sure of that they are of the world. James 4:4 says that all who are friends with the world are enemies of God. I hope that this album will make an impression, and help people think about themselves, the fruit they bear, and ultimately their eternal salvation.

Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you think! I would be happy to know!

I am not at all interested in money, or fame, and I want people to realize that God is not out to give you a wonderful life that is full of money and great earthly blessings. God is an almighty God who will judge everybody on this earth at the end of the world. Everyone has sinned against God, and it is easy to tell by asking yourself if you have kept all of the Ten Commandments. (Have you lied, stolen, looked with lust, or coveted?) If you have broken even one of these commandments, you are a violator of God's law, and will be eternally punished. But Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins. Those who have repented for their sins, and put their faith in Jesus will be forgiven, and will receive eternal life, which is life in heaven with God. (See mark 16:16 listed below. * )

I also believe that we, as Christians, should not be like the world. According to God's Word, we are His children, and that should set us apart from the rest of the world. Do I mean that we should stick out like sore thumbs? Yes. We are commanded to be different. The world dresses inappropriately, use filthy words, and in their actions go against the Bible. We should neither judge nor accept the world's way of living. Instead we should go out into the world and preach the gospel to the lost, leading them to Christ as Jesus himself commanded us to before He left this earth. (See mark 16:14**)

I am a musician wants to encourage Christians with music and lyrics that are biblical. I don't want to make songs containing clich├ęs, or false ideas about Christianity. It has become very important to me to keep my lyrics biblically based. I do not want my fellow Christians to take comfort in, or be encouraged by, something that is not in agreement with God's Word. Checking my songs by the Bible can be tricky, but I believe it is vital to write only songs that are in harmony with it.

* Mark 16:16 He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned.

** Mark 16:15 And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

The pieces of music I create are generally shorter than most artist's works. This is because I cut out a lot of between-verses/chorus time. It is strange, but I will take a contemporary Christian song that is four minutes long, and arrange it so that it can be sung by a church group, and by the time I am done, the song will be two minutes shorter. I tend to like longer songs, so I guess I better work on adding music in between the verses and chorus. Also, longer intros, and endings would help. Contact me, and let me know your opinions. (good, or bad.)