Patrick Boothe

Patrick Boothe


Patrick Boothe's latest album, 2006's "Finally The View Has Changed" has earned praise from the Chicago Free Press, stating it "as aggressive as it is accessible" and the Dallas Voice, stating that "Patrick Boothe finds a niche in the valley of passion and intellect".


Patrick Boothe has a lot of time on his hands. Although not a fully established musician, (still has a full time job to support his dirty habits) Patrick released his second album for his own label, Abusing Music (the first album, "Dub Escape", was released in the fall of 2003).

To be frank, the new album, "Finally The View Has Changed" staggers between solid piano melodies and jagged electronic bursts throughout the naked lyrics and haunting vocals that soar between those of a young Morrissey or Neil Young.

Songs like the Americana “Sorry For What I’ve Done” and the Blues-y “Ugly” are earnest in their declarations of peace, while the New Wave Revival of “Be That Man” (which the Chicago Free Press described as "mind blowing") and the Electro-brooding “I Have No Right” leave harsher moments of abandoned hope. In-your-face anthems like “The Upfall” and “Kill Him And Tell God He Died” are views of life on the inside of the Gay Community, something Patrick has been active in working to improve for the past year or so.

The live and fan favorite, “Boys Like Me,” a track that starts simply enough with a smooth organ melody and relaxing drumming provided by Mike Wynn, and bursts into a piano frenzy complete with layer upon layer of vocal declarations of independence and coming into appreciation with yourself outside of your friends, family, and relationships. The album, “Finally The View Has Changed,” is now avaialble at CDBABY.COM, as well as various vendors around the Texas region. Visit for more information and details of upcoming live shows, which are highly entrancing piano/vocal exclusive events that draw in everyone within earshot.


Kill Him And Tell God He Died

Written By: Patrick Boothe

can't i go please
i cannot stand to hear
you spread disease
is that your truth today
they offered way
to take away the gay
I've locked in me

your "straight-acting" eyes
lobotomy lies
until a generation dies cause no one thought to let them by
i gave him the wrong eye so he said
"kill him and tell God that he died,
yeah God will always be on my side"
looks like the gates are open wide

would you believe
they tried to take my life
with their disease when they thought they had the right
over my crown
all the stars beneath me

your "straight-acting" eyes...


your "straight-acting" eyes...

and i want you all to hear me
and really listen now to what i have to say
because i hate to think they have me
don't take fear from my wallflower ways
i may not like the waiting
and there are places that i know i'll never go
and i may be self-deprecating
but i have love for myself you'll never know

Be That Man

Written By: Patrick Boothe

Don't bother with the pain of a hard luck game
Just walk in napoleon style and look the same
We're here to conquer don't forget we're here to work
Our only client is ourself so time to be a jerk

No I don't want to be that man
But if I am I'll have them eating in the palm of my hand
No I don't want to be that man
But that's the only way to hold your own to stay in this land

At one point of time nice was all I gave
And everyone outside of me I tried to save
For the demise of my spirit I've no one to blame
Maybe they'll have no trouble with remembering my name

Because no one should be more important than me
And no one should be any happier than me
And no one should speak unless I gave them the nod
Don't even turn around once unless you're taking it off

Drizzle anonymities all around my knees
Take it in 'cause you'll be out before you try to breathe
So what I'm saying is while you decide to love me or not
I'll be thinking of some strange so don't expect a lot, after tonight...

No I don't want to be that man but if I am then I'll be sure to do all I can...


Dub Escape (2003)
1. Make Room
2. Glass
3. Deliver Me
4. Bring Me
5. Glorious Breakup Song
6. The Insecurities
7. Burnt
8. Ludicrous
9. Card
10. Who You Wish You Were
11. Dub Escape
12. Demons

Finally The View Has Changed (2006)

1. Be That Man
2. Too Far
3. Wonderful Magic
4. Sorry For What I've Done
5. Ugly
6. I Have No Right
7. What I Didn't Know
8. The Upfall
9. Burden
10. To Paul
11. Kill Him And Tell God He Died
12. Boys Like Me
13. The View

Set List

Set List from the Crossroads Market show on 11-29-05:

too far
glorious breakup song
deliver me
sorry for what i've done
to paul
kill him and tell God he died
i believe(cover)
walk through fire(cover)
come lay down
whatever peace
wonderful magic
boys like me

Setlist from Poor David's Pub, Jan 2, 2006:

Sorry For What I've Done
Too Far
Walk Through Fire
Boys Like Me

Setlist for Crossroads Market, Jan 6, 2006:

sorry for what i've done
too far
deliver me
to paul
kill him and tell God he died
come lay down
walk through fire
wonderful magic
boys like me
the insecurities

Setlist for Liquid Lounge, March 2, 2006:

sorry for what i've done
Evolve (a capella interlude) *Ani Difranco cover
boys like me
too far
to paul
kill him and tell God he died
walk through fire
deliver me
whatever peace

Setlist for Across The Street Bar June 23, 2006

come lay down
whatever peace
boys like me
leaders of the free world (Elbow cover)