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"Studio Cafe Orlando, FL"

The cozy ambiance of the Studio Café is the perfect setting for an acoustic showcase, with big comfy chairs to curl up in while listening to the music and hearing some of the stories behind the songs.

Patrick Burke started off the evening with “Wanna Be,” a catchy, melodic song from his solo debut CD Lettuce Pray Project. His powerful, passionate voice was full of warmth as he played through several more songs from the record, including “Feel Me Crumble,” “Secondary Ordinary” and “Everything.” He sang the as yet unrecorded “Wonderful,” a song about a card he got from someone saying how wonderful he was, and then how the next week he wasn’t so wonderful anymore.

The central Florida-based singer/songwriter also included “Dysfunctional Country,” a song from his previous band, Searching For Gladys, as well as covers of Matchbox Twenty’s “Hang” and Asia’s “Heat Of The Moment.”

- review by Coffin

"Patrick Burke "The Lettuce Pray Project" (427 Records)"

Patrick Burke "The Lettuce Pray Project" (427 Records)
By: Paul Autry

"The Lettuce Pray Project" is the debut solo release from former Searching For Gladys vocalist Patrick Burke. It's a twelve song release that's a must have for those of you who are into melodic, radio friendly rock 'n' roll. Right off the bat, there's five songs on here that have the potential to be a hit single. Those tracks would be "Wanna Be," "And Finally," "Everything," "Stand, Shine & Sing" and "I'll Fly Away," all of which are catchy and they stick with you the first time you hear them. "Secondary Ordinary" is a little laid back and the way the song flows, you almost expect it to kick into high gear, which it doesn't do. Skip down to "Feel Me Crumble" to hear a more rockin' tune. The disc ends with two versions of a song called "The Captain." The first version is a ballad and it's a great song. The second version, which has a full band behind it, has more of a kick. When you listen to the album as a whole, it's a very solid, well balanced release...a collection of good songs and not a weak one in the bunch. "The Lettuce Pray Project" will give you hours upon hours of listening pleasure. I've had this one in my CD player so often, it's almost like it became one with my stereo. Seriously, it's that good. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one.

- The Spotlight Shamokin, PA


Searching for Gladys-EP 2000
Searching for Gladys-"Make your Mind" 2004
Solo-"The Lettuce Pray Project" 2007
Solo-"Best Foot Forward" 2008



Singer/songwriter Patrick Burke was born in the coal region area of Pennsylvania. Having lived there for most of his life, Patrick started early at age 8 with a drum set. Over the years, he developed, with the help of a diverse music collection of over 1000 cds. After playing drums for a friend's band, Patrick picked up acoustic guitar and started to develop his writing skills. He began singing & playing acoustic guitar and in 1999 formed SEARCHING FOR GLADYS, a central PA hard rock band. The band spent the next 7 years touring the club circuit, and , recorded a demo in 2000, and also a debut record called “Make your Mind” in 2004. He has played CBGB’s in NYC and opened up for acts like Breaking Benjamin, & SR-71. He has been the bands lyricist providing emotional lyrics & an energetic stage presence. He keeps it real & true by writing about many different aspects in life, including his Christian faith, and all many different life topics. In 2007, Patrick released his debut solo " The Lettuce Pray Project". Its an eclectic mix of acoustic based hard rock, pop and emo. Since moving to Florida in 2006, Patrick has been performing solo, on acoustic, playing the coffee houses and restaurants of central florida in support of the record. His new projects include an acoustic/piano cd "Best Foot Forward" in late summer 2008, and a tour of Nashville, to showcase his songs.