Patrick Canning and The Suffering Mothers

Patrick Canning and The Suffering Mothers


A passionate performer who produces work in a wide variety of styles. From gentle acoustic folk and country material to avant-garde electronic experimentation. The songs are mostly dark and tackle some uncomfortable subject matter, sometimes it's light and meaningless, but at all times its engaging.


Patrick is a mysterious man with mysterious plans.

Patrick writes fairly pleasant music about seemingly ugly sentiments and awful situations; he also writes it the other way around. Patrick is a musician, an artist and a contrarian who likes to get things his way, and so does everything himself pretty much. Patrick's latest album called "Let's Celebrate With Blood" is his eleventh self released full length album (his fourth under his own name). "Let's Celebrate With Blood" is Patrick's first real album with his band "The Suffering Mothers" featuring the kickass rhythm section of Devon Milley (Be Alright, Monsterbator) on drums and Victor Lewis (Kujo, Casual Male) on bass and the heartbreaking strings of Alison Corbett (Black Molly, Burning Hell). The new album is a sprawling effort with a strong blues influence with beats slow and heavy and the guitars layered in all kinds of crust.

Patrick is also a music journalist of sorts and has thoroughly documented the St John's music scene the last couple of years on his blog "Throwing Stones At You" and his Youtube channel.

The artists who most directly influence Patrick's work are characters like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, The Residents, The Art Bears, Brian Wilson, Can, Ali Farca Toure, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Smog and so on.

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Flower Printed Linen

Written By: Patrick Canning

Breathing the smoke from our burning city
I haven't the words for our rescue committee
The saber collapses on soft muffled stones
And I hear your distraction in your hard cluttered bones
I will not falter with the lies you are spinnin’
Or spill it too soon on your flower printed linen

Something Rotten

Written By: Patrick Canning

There's something rotten in this well
But it's much too dark to see it clear
To see it clear

When My daughter came back home
With that man, that beast, That heathen
That heathen

I must be hard, woo oo oo oo
I must be hard, woo oo oo oo

He spoke evil in my home
And showed his lust so easy
So easy

If you cannot fear my lord
Then you must learn to fear me
To fear me

Out in the woods, woo oo oo oo
Out in the woods, woo oo oo oo

oh, oh, oh

They just would not hear my words
But they heard my rifle clearly
So Clearly

There's something rotten in this well
But you'll never see it clearly
Not clearly

Blanket of Stones

Written By: Patrick Canning

And the flies
Circle above me in the night
They hang just like bad dreams
Outside my door
The ghost of an elm tree
Scratches it's name
And whines through the night

Sleep, sleep like your bones
In the harbour
A blanket of Stones

And your voice
Is humming inside me
Speaking in tongues
It's layers surround me guiding my heart
It's fingers carress me with
Invisible hands
Binding my lungs

Sleep, sleep like your bones
In the harbour
A blanket of Stones
Sleep, sleep like you're told
By your father
A blanket of stones

Our Fat Children

Written By: Patrick Canning

It's hot outside so keep an eye on
Your fat little children
As they roll their way to the sea

Did it hurt too bad my little man
With the cut on your finger
As you scream your way back to me

No don't you cry my sweet little heart
Here's a donut I've hid just for thee

It's cold outside and you let your hair
Hang down your perfect shoulders
And the ocean's blacker then ink

You say the words you said to me When we were so much older
"I've had way too much to drink"

Oh no, don't go back home so soon
When I've got you here by the fire

And don't try to teach these arms How to hold you just hold on to me

And don't try to teach me to dream When my dreams are you here with me

Here Stands Your Lover

Written By: Patrick Canning

Here stands your lover
And here he stands cold
In this courtroom of black solemn figures
And jury that’s yet to be sold

You could dip him in chocolate and sugar
You could crack his shell under your heel
You could try to hold on when his body is gone
And your scared from the back of the wheel

In the heaviest rains of the winter
with these horrible sounds in your ear
A fist clenches up in your stomach
Your hands slick with sweat while you steer

What will you say when you see him
And find scissors to cut off his gloves
With just nine broken fingers
With his face and his cheeks full of blood


"Patrick" LP 2006
"The Pervert" LP 2007
"SUPERGOD: The Party Controls the Gun, volume: Horses" LP 2007
"SUPERGOD: The Party Controls the Gun, volume: Lazerbeam" LP 2007
"Sex Lives Of The Paralyzed" full LP 2008
"SUPERGOD!: Rabid Peripheral Mermaid" LP 2009
"SUPERGOD!: Radio Perfect Mucus" LP 2010
"Let's Celebrate With Blood" LP 2010

Set List

My typical set list is mostly derived from my albums "Patrick", "The Pervert", "Sex Lives of the Paralyzed" and my new one "Let's Celebrate With Blood". I occassionally play some obscure covers from the Handsome Family or Johnny Cash or Nick Cave. I'm fine with playing short sets but I can play for 2 or 3 hours if needed. You can steam or download some songs I typically play at; or