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Patrick Charles Makandel Group

Woodland Hills, California, United States | INDIE

Woodland Hills, California, United States | INDIE
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"???????? Osaka japan,Cyberfusion review"cite Soleil""

Patrick Charles(drums), Larry Kimpel(bass), Johnny Britt(kb,tp), Wayne Lindsey(kb), Rob Bacon(g), Bobby English(flute), Alex Al(bass), Andre Delano(sax), Kevin Toney(piano), Ricky G(nylon g), Freddie Fox(g), Kenneth Grey(bass), Everette Harp(sax), etc.

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Patrick Charles ?Cite Soreil?Soleil Records(SR1002) 2008 - U.S.A. Patrick Charles - Cite Soleil
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- Cyberfussion

"Fresh Trax"Breathe from Cite Soleil""

Track - Artist" -->Breathe - Patrick Charles: .."Fresh Trax Part 1 - CD Text" -->He was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, but for the most part Patrick Charles grew up in East Orange, NJ where, after discovering the Miles Davis track Tutu, he became hooked on jazz. Now, firmly established in the LA area as a session drummer, composer, and producer, Charles has gathered a batch of top-flight cats for his Cité Soleil debut. The project covers a gamut of styles with one track in particular a standout in so far as smooth jazz is concerned and we have it for you. Featuring Kevin Toney on piano, and Ricky Z on nylon string guitar, it's instilled with a force that's quasi 'life giving' and rather fittingly it's entitled Breathe!!.. - Cafe jazz Radio

"WOW!! Cite Soleil"

Thanks for putting it back where it belongs.
The funk.
The groove.
The swing.
The style, the flavor, and the soul.
They belong side-by-side,
and intermingled,
and co-habitated.
But never overstated,
making Jazz a continuous conversation.
Improv and syncopation...
occuring simultaneously.
It's hard for me to not flow into straight poetry,
but that's what good music does to me.

This CD is incredible. Thanks again,
Whatever it is that brought us together,
and your music,
and me....
no matter what power or entity...
should be held as an example for the world to see
what happens when creativity
is done properly.

Your CD gets a "Vibe Rate" of 10.
I have no criticism. You could be my CD of the year.
And, I didn't even know who you were two weeks ago.
I often wonder how many other sizzling hot talents are
out there, unknown, because a few radio groups have
an iron-tight grip on what people can and cannot hear.

Thank goodness for internet radio.


Track 1 Code Noir - It's like the missing episode from the Tutu
album by Miles. Gotta go in the Jazz Dimension.
Track 2 - Kush. One of the best ensemble pieces I've ever heard.
Ranks right up there with Chain Reaction, by the Crusaders.
Will be a huge hit in the Jazz Dimension.
Track 6 - Crazy. Makes it sound like you guys wrote this and Seal
borrowed it for the remake. Good for the workday mix.
Track 7 - Breathe. Smooth Jazz without the soul removed. Very
sensous and yet still rhythmic. That's how you do it.
This song can play in any of our programs.
Track 8 - When The Love is Gone. Gorgeous. Love the title.
Track 9 - I've been listening to Kevin Toney since I was a kid, back
in the 70's, when they (the Blackbyrds) had on those jeans
in the cover art for City Life, the 3rd album I ever purchased.
Number 1 was Love Unlimited's White Gold.
Number 2 was Honey, by the Ohio Players.
He is perhaps one of the most underrated musicians on the
planet, largely because we (our people) have no sense of
legacy. Many of us don't know who he is. This is one of
the nicest solo piano pieces I've heard. This song, believe
it or not, can play in any of our rotations, even the workday
mix. Please pass on my props to Mr. Toney.

I don't always review CD's like this. Every now and then. In your case, I
felt it was important to let you know there's someone who knows what
you've done enough to appreciate the details of the work you and your
fellow artists have created. My best friend is blind. He is also my
assistant music director. Letting him listen to this CD will be the
equivalent of going to a museum. I can't wait to see the look on his

Well done. Let me know when you're coming to the Atlanta area. I'd love
to meet you.

All the best.

John Marcus
Smooth Soul Online - Smooth soul online

"Outstanding Jazz CD-Alicia Williams"

Outstanding Jazz CD
Radioindy,Patrick Charles"Cite Soleil"
Take off your shoes and relax. "Cité Soleil" by Patrick Charles is a smooth jazz CD with an appealing Caribbean flair. The music on the CD is nicely composed, and nicely showcases Patrick's outstanding drumming as well as the talents of the other first-rate jazz musicians on the CD. Thru recording quality and production provide a high quality, clear jazz recording. Lyrics are minimal in this CD, but in one song, "Citè Soleil" Patrick utilizes his native tongue to deliver a message, along with an excellent rhythmic groove. "Kush" features some outstanding jazz piano, muted horn, and sensual female spoken messages, along with the CD's trademark strong rhythmic groove ground on Charles' drum work. The last song on the CD entitled "Charlene," is a beautiful piece of music, which emotionally portrays the love Charles has for his sister. The listener feels the emotional message of the song through the beautiful instrumental piano work. If you enjoy jazz music, and CDs where you can feel the soul of a real jazz musician, this CD is for you.
-Alicia Williams

- radio indy.

"Cite Soleil"

Cite Soleil’ is the debut CD from drummer, composer and producer Patrick Charles. It threatens to redefine the accepted boundaries of contemporary jazz yet, with seven of his own compositions, another from the multi talented Johnny Britt, plus a strong interpretation of the Seal mega hit ‘Crazy’, this hip nine track collection is always compelling and totally enthralling. Charles was raised in East Orange, NJ and became hooked on jazz after discovering Miles Davis’s ‘Tutu’. Now, well established as a freelance drummer in the LA area, he has gathered together an impressive array of fellow session players and established artists to collaborate with him on the album. In doing so he has delivered some of the strongest and diverse tunes of the year. For example ‘When The Love Is Gone’ finds sax from both Everette Harp and Bobby English that sends shivers down the spine. Kevin Toney provides exceptionally good piano and the entire piece is masterfully anchored by the distinct bass of Alex Al. Toney returns again to lend a hand with Charles’s delightfully understated ‘Charlene’ but, that said, the killer cut is without doubt the sumptuous ‘Breathe’. With more outstanding keyboards from Kevin Toney and wonderful nylon string guitar from Ricky Z this one is sure to become one of the Smooth Jazz Therapy top tracks of 2008.

Despite his New Jersey upbringing Charles was in fact born in Port – au – Prince Haiti and, from time to time, he allows the French influence of that island to permeate his music. This is particularly so with ‘Kush’ where the sexy spoken word of Sandrine Fritz lays the foundation for Johnny Britt on trumpet and Wayne Linsey on keys to weave a groove drenched web. The French theme (in title at least) continues with ‘Jean Michel’. In reality the tune is an atmospheric chunk of laid back jazz that features stellar performances from Britt, Linsey and of course ultra tight drums and percussion from Charles. It is the percussion and keyboards of Charles that take the lead on the intense ‘Makendel’ which, as an interlude, is used to build a bridge to the heavily produced title track. Here Kevin Toney takes the lead on piano and is backed by powerful rock tinged guitar from Rob Bacon yet the real energy comes from the track’s intense world rhythms that merge sensationally with spicy percussion from Timbale. Bacon is equally strong on the Johnny Britt composition ‘Code Noir’. A languid beat laid down in unison by Patrick Charles and Larry Kimpel (who is immense on bass) establishes the platform from which first Britt on trumpet and then Bobby English on sax and flute make magic with their jazzy vibe.

‘Cite Soleil’ is independently released on Patrick Charles own Soleil Records label and comes highly recommended. For more go to

- Smoothjazz Therapy

"Cite Soleil by Drummer/Composer Patrick Charles"

Patrick Charles is a young, energetic drummer/writer with a clear vision of the diverse workings of jazz/funk and other such pairings. Cite Soleil is more than just a refreshingly unique "mover" in many distinctive ways, it's also an attitude. You get that from the beginning. This young man is on a mission to make a bold statement. Charles collaborates nicely with Johnny Britt (who co-penned a couple of cuts, as well as contributes keys on the first track) on trumpet, Kevin Toney on piano and Rhodes, and Wayne Linsey ..s and Rhodes. Saxman Everette Harp and guitarist Freddie Fox also put in shining guest appearances.

There is actually quite a myriad of styles, melodies, tempos, and general feels to simply sit back and enjoy on this well-constructed album. In my personal opinion, one of the coolest things about the album is the transition from track 5 to track 7. All three tunes paint vastly different pictures, all vivid, yet very unique unto themselves. Not a necessarily unique technique, of course, but one has to hear these tunes to see what material is involved in this particular transition. Track 5, the title track , is a very island-flavored cut that just lazily, yet oh-so-melodically, sings and strolls along to track 6, Seal's "Crazy," where the tone and tempo pick up to a snappy guitar-rich stride. This neatly takes us to a mid-tempo R&B-like groove, "Breathe," featuring the artistry of Kevin Toney (it truly does have that Toney feel). Brilliant choice of tune placement. It just makes the transition such a natural and fluid one. As if to add icing to that cake, we get the smooth sax of Everette Harp on track 8's "When the Love is Gone," a tune custom-made for the hauntingly sweet and soulful alto sax of Harp.

Patrick Charles certainly does no harm whatsoever to his career here. The young man would do well to use Cite Soleil as his barometer for future ventures. A more trustworthy measuring tool may be hard to find. -


Cite Soleil-written and arranged and produce by Patrick Charles
featuring Sax legend Everette Harp,Miles Davis former keyboardist Wayne Linsey,Pianist Kevin Toney,and trumpeter Johnny Britt.

Working on my second release for summer 2011.



With accomplished musicianship and a great sense of deep groove, virtuoso drummer Patrick Charles music is both visual and cerebral. His debut CD , Cite Soleil, present an artist of far-reaching vision and versatility. Release on his soleil label, Cite soleil brings Patrick Charles center stage as a composer, producer and band leader. Featuring a stellar cast of LA studio players and world class jazz artist, such as Everette Harp of George Duke and Anita Baker, Wayne Linsey of Miles Davis. Kevin Toney a two time Grammy nominated pianist and composer and a renown solo recording artist he has also performed with blackbyrds Aretha Franklin and more , and MoJazz recording artist and Trumpeter Johnny Britt .Cite Soleil showcases Patrick’s own original compositions and retells hits from legendary artist like sting and seal through the language of jazz . But it was upon hearing the news of his sister’s passing that Patrick began to focus on the core material for the album. ”My siter was always an encouraging and supporting force in my life;’ Charlene,’ the last composition on the CD, is dedicated to her. Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti and raised in East Orange New Jersey, Patrick Charles owes his musical awakening during middle school to the trumpet. But the drums quickly chose him, fueled by the love and respect for all genres and styles of music and the emerging culture of Hip-Hop, Music became Patrick’s calling card, Strangely enough, his first encounter with jazz happened by chance.”I found a pile of jazz records in an abandoned building in the neighborhood; in that pile was Miles Davis Tutu,’ I was so taken by the album cover, I picked up the record, I’ve been hooked ever since.” Patrick Charles started to gig professionally during high school, during which time he became the regular drummer at the famous Perpermint lounged in his hometown of East Orange NJ, nightly guess artist appearances includes the legendary Lou Rawls, Chaka kahn, Berry White, and now famed Hip Hop artist Naughty by Nature and Queen Latifah. After high school, Patrick set his eyes on the famed Berklee College of music in Boston, while attending Berklee, Patrick Charles performed with esteem professor Carolyn Wilkins and her group the spirit jazz Quartet regularly in the Boston and New York area, in Los Angeles his work as a freelance drummer has brought him acclaim from studio and live performances with such artist as blues legend Linda Hopkins, funk and soul songstress Maxayn Lewis and Teena Marie, and countless top 40 funk/R&B acts in National and international venues like the House of blues LA, Salt lake city jazz festival, Currently a Los Angeles Arts commission Artist, Patrick has performed for Nakaoka Jazz festival and the1st annual universal citywalk jazz festival.The Namm Show, Viper Room LA, Blue note Kyoto Japan, Cotton club Shanghai China, Commerce casino jazz&blues summer nights festival series, Pachanga casino, The Roxy LA, Catalina Jazz club,and MGM hotel Las Vegas to name a few, Patrick Charles television and movie appearances have include hit television shows Boston legal, Melrose Place, comedy central band, BET Jazz and Screen Media films "Crazy" the life of famed Jazz guitarist Hank Garland.
Patrick Charles Makandel Group(PCMG) was formed in 2007 the group members who reside in Los Angeles CA are veteran players nationally and internationally, led by drummer composer Patrick Charles, the group world jazz contemporary sound is a reflection of Patrick's cultural influences and upbringing from Haiti to America. PCMG showcases their musicianship while challenging their creativity through unique live performances and arrangements of original compositions and cover material that is reflective of each member’s cultural background. Collectively PCMG musical influences is a gumbo of spiritual music, from west African rhythms to Haitian zouk , funk, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop grooves,Afro Caribbean and of course Jazz.