Patrick Cress' Telepathy

Patrick Cress' Telepathy


Patrick Cress' Telepathy is an original jazz quartet that creates unique compositions and highly energized improvised music. Its unusual instrumentation and openness to unconventional time signatures bring new ideas that push past the traditional sounds of jazz.


Patrick Cress’ Telepathy (PCT) has expanded the boundaries of traditional jazz to help create new excitement in America’s original art form. The group’s energy and personality captures the spirit of 60’s jazz while inspiring the attention of diverse audiences. PCT’s root in traditional jazz and cerebral elements attract jazz and classical aficionados alike, while it’s rock influences attract a much younger demographic. This collective audience repeatedly engages in Telepathy’s music to witness its evolution in the strong San Francisco jazz scene.
Founded in March 2002, Patrick Cress, saxophones, conceived Telepathy out of his many influences, including Ornette Coleman and Tim Berne, who pay homage to the traditions of jazz while pushing musical boundaries. Graduating with a bachelor’s in music at the University of Michigan, Patrick was schooled by Donald Walden’s strict jazz theory and Donald Sinta’s brilliant classical mind. Out of this and a twenty-year passion for music, Patrick manifested these influences into a specific original concept. Since its inception, Patrick Cress' Telepathy has performed both nationally and internationally. The group has played for diverse audiences and venues including San Francisco’s Bruno’s and ODC Theater, Berkeley’s Jazz
House, L.A.’s the Mint, Santa Monica’s Temple Bar, Portland’s Mt. Tabor Theater, Seattle’s Lo-Fi gallery, and Vancouver’s 1067. The band released their third album “Meditation, Realization” on Odd Shaped Case Records in May 2005.


3 Albums
'Liberate the Radio Stations'
'Mediation, Realization'

Tracks that have had radio airplay
'Assumptionists', 'Sarcasm in the 13th Dimension', 'the Shadowboxer', 'Predicate', and countless others on numerous radio stations across North America

Set List

'the Workout', 'Mini Piphani', 'Too Ornate', 'State of Memory', 'SaraSorta', 'Meditation, Realization'

This recent set lasted about one hour. We typically play 2 sets at about 45 min to an hour a piece. Our most recent covers have included; Stereolabs 'A Flower Called Nowhere', Erik Satie's 'Gymnopedie #1, and Tortoise's 'Seneca.'