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Patrick Davis

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Patrick Davis infuses hardcore, indie rock and hiphop into an explosive sound both musically and lyrically. With passionate, creative lyricism from Patrick and Jacqueline, and a combination of driving, edgy, melodic music creates an atmosphere that is one of a kind at his live shows.


Influences include Matisyahu, Underoath,
Rage Against The Machine, Flyleaf, P.O.D.,
Cranberries, Coldplay, Eminem, Tool,
The Roots, Jason Upton, Mat Kearney,
Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Gym Class
Heroes, Hillsong United, Delerious?, U2.

Patrick has toured extensively
through out the U.S. and abroad.
He just finished a successful month
long tour in Australia. While having
offers from several labels, Patrick
has decided to remain independent
to maintain creative control and
individuality in his music.

With styles ranging from rock, reggae,
hiphop to hardcore, this band is truly
one of a kind. More than the music
the message and energy of Patrick
Davis lingers long after the show is
over and everyone has left....

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Written By: Patrick Davis

All lyrics on our website


2000- Armageddon's Finest, "Backdraft"

2002- Seven Candles, "Self Titled"

2003- Patrick Davis, "Until My Last Breath"

2004- Real Music Compilation

2006/2007- Patrick Davis, "Wake Up"

Set List

Our set list is typically 30-45 minutes. But can
last much longer if needed.

1. Marching Through Baghdad
2. Cry
3. Never Would've Fathomed
4. Suicide Letter
5. Out Of Darkness
6. Guard My Life
7. The Scars

No cover songs