Patrick Kell

Patrick Kell

 El Paso, Texas, USA

Edgy Alt-country with a Texas twang. Reminiscent of the golden age of country, mixed with modern acoustic folk rock. Think Johnny Cash meets Jack Johnson.


Patrick Kell is from El Paso, TX. A land rich in old west history. The unique style and attitude that is of the land is also conveyed through Patrick Kells sound and persona. Deep, smooth vocals with a slight Texas edge carry you along through the stories Patrick Kell has created. The sharp twang of his guitar, the lonesome whistle of his harmonica, and the steady percussion rolls down the line like a freight train headed straight for your heart. Let that ol' freight train carry you away with Patrick Kell.


Between You and I (EP - Released 2/23/2010)

Set List

A typical Patrick Kell set list consists of mostly original songs with one or two covers thrown in for good measure. Covers could range from Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, Jack Johnson, or other popular artists. The usual Patrick Kell set lasts about 30-45 minutes.