Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy


It's honest music, that's for damn sure. It's practically a sonic diary. There's some old school rock elements, I mean really old school like Buddy Holly, there's some pop rock, some folk and maybe a touch of country. People seem to really like my voice the most though.



Performing a unique blend of pop inspired melodies with an acoustic back bone, Patrick Kennedy provides a refreshing sound in the singer/songwriter genre.

Born in Toronto and growing up in the suburbs, Patrick was influenced by a wide variety of music at home during his formative years. Everything from The Beatles to Muddy Waters to Dave Brubeck could be found playing on the family stereo and this played a major role in Patrick’s eclectic taste in music. Creativity, freedom and a sense of setting your own destiny were the unspoken lessons of the day.

Patrick has spent the past two years honing his unique sound. People have compared his sound to everything from The Beatles and Elvis Costello to Sam Roberts and The Lemonheads. The three songs found on this demo were recorded live by Adrian Lawryshyn (Ex Zoe Bliss and Mad Violet and bassist for Andy Stochansky) on the evening of July 8, 2006 at Adrian’s underground bunker studio. The result is an unforgettable mix of melodic pop/rock songs enriched with lyrics that reflect Patrick’s unique perspective on love, life, death and self discovery. “On A Sinking Cloud” is a testament to the fleeting nature of love and deals with the fear, loneliness and anger that one inevitably goes through trying to maintain a relationship. With “Run Aground” Patrick is becoming keenly aware that while you may see sunny skies a storm can blow in at any time. It’s a testament of love and a willingness to fight for it. Pop music at it’s finest. “Weapon” life is a battlefield and we all have our devices of destruction.

The demo not only showcases Patrick’s incredible songwriting skills; it reveals a multi-talented musician and vocalist as well: Patrick writes and arranges all parts for his songs from guitar to bass to drums all while focusing on the fact that they are usually performed solo. Patrick Kennedy is a singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire. In an industry where some of today’s artists barely perform their own material, let alone write it, this highly talented “triple threat” is poised to make some noise in the international music scene.


No official releases though I've released several demo's trhough out 2005 and 2006 with a total of 12 new songs amongst them.

Set List

My Jaded Heart
Coming or Going
Out On Your Own
The Ballad of Constance Mae
Time Will Roll On
The End of Your Days
I'll Be Right Back
On A Sinking Cloud
Run Aground

I can play up to 45 minutes of original material, no filler whatsoever. Don't know any covers.