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Patrick Leonard

Sunnyvale, California, United States

Sunnyvale, California, United States
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"CD of the Day, 8/22/08: Patrick Leonard-Begin The Beginning"

A couple of years ago on his Tangerine album, David Mead wrote a song called "Hard to Remember", which he said was inspired by his fairly nondescript name being just that. Well the name Patrick Leonard doesn't exactly jump off the page either as particularly exotic or memorable, but the Californian stands a real chance at making a name for himself in the pop community thanks to his top-notch debut album Begin The Beginning. Leonard comes across as a pop stylist in the manner of Michael Penn, Jon Brion and Elliott Smith, and fans of these artists as well as those of Braden Blake and the recent Andy Reed and Adrian Whitehead discs will enjoy this one as well.

Naturally, the title track begins the disc, and it's a wonderful mix of swirling melodies, intricate hooks and Lennonesque vocals. The rocking "No One Else" is another gem, with a bit of an Oasis-like swagger, while "Mars Theme" is pop near-perfection and "Down South" is a fun George Harrison-influenced shuffle. Speaking of Harrison, "The One" also bears his influence with a bit of a mystic sound yet is still highly melodic. The dreamy "Light of My Love" is definitely Brionesque, while the low-key "Be Loved" recalls E.Smith. The penultimate track, "Miss You", is a fine jangler in the vein of Michael Carpenter, and the disc closes with "Majicku", a trippy, exotic number that brings Peter Gabriel to mind.

All in all, this is an outstanding debut of sophisticated pop that I can see making more than a few year-end lists, and hopefully this is just "The Beginning" for Mr. Leonard. - Absolute PowerPop

"Easily mistaken for a missing Beatle, Patrick Leonard"

Patrick Leonard
Begin the Beginning
Featured Download: "Begin the Beginning" MP3

Begin the Beginning is an auspicious debut by California-based singer-songwriter Patrick Leonard. An electrically charged brand of power pop, psychedelia and catchy melodies hold down the fort, while Leonard’s endearing vocals coast weightlessly atop each arrangement. At first listen, Leonard could easily be mistaken for a missing Beatle (his voice is reminiscent of a young George Harrison), but at the core of this musical similarity is just plain-old great songwriting.

While all tracks are easy on the ears, the obvious highlight is “Mars Theme,” with Leonard crooning, “Well, I woke up this morning to find / Once again, she’s still on my mind / And I’m waiting, learning the meaning of patience” over the beautiful melody line. Overall, Begin the Beginning is an aptly titled start for Leonard’s promising career. —BW - Performing Songwriter May 2009

"the whole world should be hearing this"

"...the Silicon Valley band (Your Precious You) did a recent club show that was so good you couldn't help think the whole world should be hearing this..." - San Jose Mercury News

"...the beautiful Your Precious You"

...the beautiful Your Precious You - Alternative Press

"won't compromise"

"This is a band that is intelligent in an era when dumb brings in the bucks. And they know it but won't compromise..." - San Jose Mercury News


Begin the Beginning



"This is a band that is intelligent in an era when dumb brings in the bucks. And they know it but won't compromise..."

Brad Kava
San Jose Mercury News

Patrick Leonard is about life, misunderstanding, loneliness, the space for reflection, never losing sight of the dream, the feeling of inspiration you get from a good movie, that once attainable, now intangible emotion that endlessly taunts, and most of all the effects of undeniable beauty. The great loves, bitter disappointments and the optimistic transcendence of life are captured and magnified in the down-tempo music and art of Patrick Leonard and his wonderful band.

As the Singer and Songwriter of the band Your Precious You, Patrick Leonard and most of his current band mates have performed with the following acts: Yo La Tengo, His Name is Alive, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Caustic Resin, Vue, Seven Year Bitch, Andalusia, Dora Flood, Mover, The Audience, Skip Holiday, The Rosemarys, Junior Panther, Retromotive, Velvet Alex, Kevin Seconds, Monkey, Xui Xui, A Man Called Sun, Blueland

It is rare to see an artist blend his personal emotions and experiences with the style and grace that Patrick Leonard brings with his music. Introverted and subtle at times, outgoing and unmistakable at others, his songs cover a broad spectrum of emotion with a lot of depth. From the expressiveness of "Mars Theme" and the give-and-take of "No One Else", it is clear that Patrick Leonard is an incredibly versatile and talented musician worth watching for.

For his solo debut, Patrick Leonard has reunited with veteran musicians Kevin Cole, David "Ace" McNeill, and Daniel Dietrick, along with bringing new guitarist Shaun Allen into the fold. Together with Kevin, Ace, and Daniel, Patrick Leonard formed the 1990's shoegaze group Your Precious You, selling out all of their self produced records, touring domestically and performing internationally at events such as NXNW and sharing the stage with bands such as Yo La Tengo and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Drawing from a unique, creative vision and a diverse group of influences including Nick Drake and George Harrison, Patrick Leonard teamed with long-time friend and producer Michael Padilla at Soundport Recording Studio for his debut album entitled "Begin The Beginning". Over 3 years in the making, this full-length album is finally complete and it's 2008 release is leaving a lasting impression on all music fans introduced to this amazing artist.