Patrick Lew's Band

Patrick Lew's Band

 Antioch, California, USA
SoloRockHard Rock

Rock and roll music activist.

"I'm just a rock and roll garage band from San Francisco. I play and try to modernize early 90's hard rock/glam metal mixed with the punk rock. I'm your menace to society and I ain't your model minority. No, I won't make America great again or become your next boy band phenomenon on MTV. But, I will rock you. You guys can jump, rattle and roll with my freak show."


Crappy rock and roll since 2001. 
Patrick Lew Band * Band of Asians * The Steel Lions * TheVerse * The Tortured...... 
Is of Chinese-Taiwanese and Japanese descent. 
Chairman of the indie label The Promised Land Inc. 
Cord cutting advocate. 
Musician, actor, artist. 

Definition of garage band: 
"An amateur rock band typically holding its rehearsals in a garage and usually having only a local audience." 


FORMED: 2001 in San Francisco, CA 
YEARS ACTIVE: 2000s, 2010s 
GENRES: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Punk, J-Rock 


Patrick Lew (Itaru Shimaka) - All Instruments (Or Most) 


Tommy Loi - Drums 
Eddie Blackburn - Lead Guitar, Occasional Lead Vocals 
Jeremy Alfonso - Lead & Rhythm Guitar 
David Hunter - Bass 
Greg Lynch - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Occasional Lead Vocals 
David Arceo - Drums 

“Be Yourself. Imitation is suicide.” 

This is one of the creeds that 31 year old singer, songwriter, and guitarist Patrick Lew has lived by in his life, and his music. Born in San Francisco CA, Lew is a second generation Asian-American of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese descent, now based out of Antioch, CA. Whether by fate or coincidence, the eclecticism of Lew’s heritage is mirrored by the path his music has taken. Sometimes it’s credited to his Patrick Lew Band, and other times to his musical pseudonym, The Steel Lions, but the music is always a raw and loose mix of garage punk, grunge, and no nonsense rock and roll. Lew has been spending well over a decade practicing his craft, perfecting his sound, building an internet fan base, and putting himself into a position to take the music community by storm.