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Antioch, California, United States | SELF

Antioch, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Patrick Lew Song Review"

Just in case you were preparing to flee for your lives, let me just confirm that this is indeed the very same Patrick Lew who - over the space of around ten tracks - has managed to baffle, annoy, anger and irritate me in equal measure. Not in a good way either, unfortunately. Now I am all for championing difference and, for certain things, stretching musical rules to make a point. I'm also well known for championing musicians who don't have a lot in the way of recording kit (hence everything is lo-fi) so long as the ideas and music make sense in some way. Do please note my use of italics there because it's important later on. Patrick professes to be a grunge musician which obviously means a certain level of noise but not, I would hope, a total lack of musical sense or reason. This, of course, is age old history between Patrick and I, we agree on disagreeing with each other about what this is all about. That's OK, Soundclick is a very big tent and there is room for everybody. So obviously I've raised a lot of anger from him in various ways, and obviously its not something I WANT to do, but truth is truth.
Some congratulations are in order though because Patrick upped and got married since we last saw him AND inducted the wife into the band. So say hello to Faith Tanner who appears on this track 'about deviant alienated musicians trying to get revenge' Revenge of the best kind would be making a track that would blow ALL of his critics away and I got to say, I live in hope. Anyway, in the meantime we have Outsider Musician and presumably the (mastered) appellation means that this is not some garage/bedroom/closet recording from hell - this musicians usual method. Well, sad to say that although it is somewhat cleaner than previous tracks, it's still as rough as a newly sawn plank mainly because you have instruments cutting across each other without so much as a thought. All of which many more reviewers than me will testify that this is indeed Patrick's 'trademark' sound and style.
'I am a very troubled guy so that's why I took your reviews personally in my past' he told me when he asked me to review this track, to which I have to reply that you CAN'T take reviews personally otherwise you'll go nuts. If I feel that someone is right in their criticism, I will do something about it, if I don't I will just ignore it. Ultimately that's what this is all about, self choice and self control. Just because I, and a great many others, say the same thing time after time after time, it doesn't make it right, which I believe is Patrick's stance on this. Well, yes to an extent. It doesn't detract from the fact that Patrick's music is still chaotic, rough, out of time/tune with a vocal that doesn't fit in where it should and does fit in where it shouldn't. All very Patrick Lew. So, ya pays your money, and you take your choices.
Me, I'll just keep a wary eye on him.

(Taken from UK music critic Steve Gilmore's review for various underground music) - Steve Gilmore


Curb Your Wild Life (2009)
Let It Rise And Against (2010)

Both albums are ON SALE for digital MP3 album downloads on iTunes.



I started playing and recording Punk and Rock music on a 4-track Tascam when I was 14 years old, which was like around 1999 or something. I do music as a hobby, but I didn't get serious about wanting to get BETTER as a rock musician playing guitar and writing songs in a one-man band, and pursuing my love for Hard Rock and Punk music in garage bands to the next step until around 2009 or 2010. I been playing guitar and recording song ideas since I was a freshmen in high school, but there's always been a progression in my one-man rock band. Even with sloppy rock band performances on record. I am REAL about my own art, and I don't do this just for fame, women and money. Music is a hobby and serious pursuit for me. All in one.

I crave Rock And Roll, but I don't necessarily follow to become the NORM. I had played bass and rhythm guitar in several Bay Area garage bands with friends. And I been posting my tracks online since 2001. I play basically, Grunge / Punk / Indie "GarageBand" Rock kind of music on recording and onstage.

Aside from that, I'm a soon-to-be college graduate at CSU East Bay, and I live in Antioch, CA. In my spare time, I play Xbox Live and dabble in creative stuff like discursive writing, photography and painting. I'm a pretty nice and unique Asian guy, but not the typical Asian kid either. I live life, enjoy whatever I had or have. And rock out, ya know! I enjoy the company of friends, family and the moments and valuable things I got. But other than that! Music is my Sex and Drug. Period! And oh. I'm Taiwanese. My hopes in the world of Rock music is to be the Takeshi Kaneshiro of Rock And Roll. If ya dig it.

I am not like other local bands, because I mainly am a freelance Bay Area rock guitarist and songwriter playing in various garage bands with friends from school. I am influenced by lots of early 90's hard rock like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and lots of contemporary punk and lesser known rock music also in the underground. I do my best to stay away from anything conventional and the norm, and I rock out whenever I get the fair chance too. I am sincere, brutally honest and ambitious with my music. And I am probably one of the more underrated and overlooked local musicians in the Bay. But I make whatever's interesting on record and my music or story.

I built most of my fan base through my music/one-man band because of the Internet and local DIY self-promoting at school and other places around the Bay Area. No hype, no big media promotions, no press, no record label and even! Through minimum to no live performing, because of various reasons. Such as no band members other than myself in this solo project musically. No car to drive around clubs to play my music onstage. And other issues such as college and etc.

I'm not the best at doing this. But I still love it. I'm not the best Rock guitarist or songwriter out there, and I never intended to be. I can't mix or produce my own music on my laptop very well, but still. I am honest, that I can play guitar and write my own songs and record them on my laptop. It's been one helluva ride so far! And, there's only more moments to come in the future!

Hard Work. Hard Struggles. Fate. Friendship. No Talk. No Hype. No Bandalism. Just Making Music.

The coming of rising against them, rocking out in a Punk garage band, finishing up college and grad school and living for the moment?

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