Patrick McCauley & The Wandering Bones

Patrick McCauley & The Wandering Bones

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Hailing from Guelph, ON, Patrick McCauley & The Wandering Bones are blowing away audiences around southern Ontario with their broad and heartfelt soundscape of ambient/progressive rock. Drawing from a love for life and the lessons we endure, PM&theWB's provide a haunting and beautiful performance.


Patrick McCauley & The Wandering Bones is a project started by Patrick McCauley to give his music the fullness and beauty he has always wanted to hear. Expressing himself honestly in his music, he weaves tales of personal struggles, heartache, psychedelic journeys, and apocalyptic prophecies. With the release of his debut album "May These Seeds Grow With Ease," he passes these stories and lessons on to the common listener, hoping that the music may be received in a positive and helpful manner, in the same way music has helped and guided him through many of life's trials. With influences such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tool, Elliott Smith, Mahogany Frog and others, it is hard for Patrick to fight the urge to create, and with the wealth of beautiful music forming in his own hometown of Guelph, ON, he never feels alone when it comes to his appreciation for the ever-expanding universe that is music.

The Wandering Bones contains a cast of truly fantastic musicians that includes: Dan Becking (Lead Guitar), Andrew Hand (Bass), Will Culbert (Drums) and Andrew Liorti (Keys). They take the stage with the intent to bewilder, and to take those who are present on a journey through a musical soundscape riddled with rich complexities and harmonious rhythms. Come, ride the spiral, and enjoy.

"May These Seeds Grow With Ease" is available for purchase on iTunes.


May These Seeds Grow With Ease - Nov, 2011
- Produced by Dan Beeson and Patrick McCauley at The Magnetic Sound in Guelph, ON.
- Released under Fortnight Music in Guelph, ON

Set List

1. Keep Your Friends Close
2. All I Have To Do Is...
3. The Experience
4. We Are The Epidemic
5. You'll Be Happier
6. In Time
7. In The Shadows Of One's Mind
8. Windchange
9. Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright) (Constantines cover)
10. Lateralus (Tool Cover)

-Set List subject to change at any time.