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"NFL free agent interviews, Secret Service sex scandal: chat room"

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) -

In Monday's Chat Room, Susanna Negovan of Michigan Avenue Magazine and standup comedian Pat McGann one NFL team that really believes the saying behind every successful man is a great woman.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have decide to employ an interesting new strategy in evaluating free agents. Executives in the Jaguars' front office believe good football players have happy and healthy marriages and oustanding wives. They say they want to meet the wives of free agents while evaluating them.

Susanna says she thinks the idea is great.

"There's something to be said for, if you are the owner of a team in Jacksonville, maybe trying to reflect the values of the community you're in, trying to build a team that people are going to be excited about. People that have good values," Susanna said.

She went on to say that the owner of the Jaguars is Chicagoan Shahid Khan, whom she has met. Susanna believes Khan's wife is a great relection on him.

Pat says it'd be an interesting avenue for the Chicago Bears to approach. He talked about the wife of new Bears wide receive Brandon Marshall.

"My thing is the Bears. Their approach could not be any further from the truth. They just got a guy, Brandon Marshall, whose wife stabbed him last year. That would be awkward," Pat said.

Next, the group talked about the secret service agent scandal involving agents and prostitutes. The agents were in Colombia laying the groundwork for the upcoming summit when it surfaces that a week of reported heavy drinking and partying was then followed by alleged overnight visits by prostitutes.

"Well, it's embarrassing. These guys are morons," Pat said. "They are willing to give up their lives to someone they barely know but they aren't willing to give up $47?"

Susanna joked that their behavior "is the reason trade shows in Vegas are so succesful."

"The problem I have with all of this is 11 Secret Service agents had enough time to reportedly get drunk all week and party and then be up all night with prostitutes. We're paying for that. We're the taxpayers who pay for them to be abroad." - FOX Chicago

"Be the Life of the Party"

Stand-up comedian Patrick McGann, the house emcee at Zanies, on how to tickle anyone’s funny bone:
Rehearse. “If you stumble through or are trying to remember the punch line during the setup, you’ll bomb.”

Don’t try too hard. “Trying to be funny is painful—for the one delivering it and the people listening. Don’t laugh too hard at your own jokes. That’s like joining in when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you! Awkward.”
Be yourself. “Talk about the things you laugh about in your everyday life. Most of our daily experiences are relatable, and we all have whacked-out family members. Just ask Robert Blagojevich.”
Laugh at yourself. “Making fun of other people can be funny, but it can also come across as cruel. If you don’t personally know your audience, it’s always safer to make fun of yourself. There’s a ton of material there, too!” - Michigan Avenue

"McGann: A Comedy Project of Sorts Himself"

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Pat McGann is a stand up comedian and television host living in Chicago. The combination of his quick on stage wit and autobiographical material are making him a crowd favorite every where he performs.

In 2010, Pat was one of twenty comics in the US invited to perform at The Great American Comedy Festival.

Pat is the creator and host of the television show The Chicago Stand-Up Project which appears on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW.