Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


A fresh breath of life into the music industry, with the music writing prowess and devotion to capturing the essence of the human condition.


Patrick Murphy has been playing music professionally for over15 years, and has been all over the U.S.A. playing venues in Dallas Tx, New Orleans La, Nashville Tn. He now resides and plays a busy schedule of gigs in the SWFL area, while currently in the studio with Engineer Paul L Marshall tracking his forthcoming album. He is multi talented, playing acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and bass- However he remains focused on song writing as that is his true passion.

His roots stem from a diverse background including country, rock, and metal- but loves all types of music.... Stay tuned for the new album coming soon- and big things to happen as Patrick writes passionately about the Human Condition... Thanks for stopping by- Peace and Love ....


Currently Working in Paul L Marshall Recording Studio Completing my full length release, due out May 2013.

Singles Already Released:

"The Edge"
"Rushin Water"

Other singles will be released soon!