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The Heart Of Mary Lou

Written By: Patrick T. Power

There she goes, slipping under the covers
And the rain that sprinkles down in Harvard Square
No one knows if the dreamers or the lovers
Or the pain that she brings with her are there
Pennies on the platform turn the afternoon to gold
It isn't for the glitter or the hand she used to hold
It's the tap of her shoe to a beat so true...
The heart of Mary Lou

There's a song rising up with the clatter
Of the trains that wend their way through Boston town
And where a throng of believers stops to gather,
She remains a light to all the lost and found
Riders on the Redline tossing down their silver praise
Bathing for a moment in the simple tune she plays
Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes blue...
The heart of Mary Lou

There's a sigh breathing up from the station
As the rain washes down the thoroughfare
In her eye is a glimpse of some salvation
Her refrain -- a long-forgotten prayer
Tokens at the turnstiles, pilgrims by the score
Saints and sinners on the run, in search of something more
But it's all right in view...shining through
The heart of Mary Lou