Patrick Ryan Clark

Patrick Ryan Clark


Producer Cary Pierce brought in the right players including members from Jackopierce, Vertical Horizon, and Jewel to create a soulful, melodic, and emotional masterpiece. You can hear the Cold Play and U2 melodic influence, but Patrick Ryan Clark absolutely doesn’t compromise originality.


Patrick Ryan Clark believes it is his calling to impact lives, and to shine light on areas and topics that people often fear exposing. Clark’s new record Translation is likely to do just that, with its catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. To Clark, the songs on this record represent “the delicate tension between struggle and surrender” that he has experienced in his life and faith. This up and coming singer songwriter has paved his own way by alluring audiences in coffee houses, pubs, and churches around the US. And due to the overwhelming response of his fans he has earned a place on stages with Switchfoot, Leeland, Phil Wickham, Graham Colton, and Sanctus Real.

Clark’s passion for music began in college with a stolen DC Talk cd. On the road home, the next day, he encountered the song What if I Stumble and was brought to his knees. In that moment his life was forever changed by a stolen song. In a twist of fate, Clark dropped college basketball and devoted all of his energy to his newfound love for God and music. And just as his life was altered through a song, he hopes to give purpose to the lost and hopeless, through his music. Patrick has clearly embraced the idea of mercy, and the inability to live life without pouring out his soul to his creator.

For Translation, Clark teamed up with producer, Cary Pierce, who was enamored by Clark’s willingness to be raw and malleable with his life and music. Pierce brought in the right players for the record, including members from Vertical Horizon, Jewel, and Jackopierce to compose a 10 song album that is chalk full of expressive and unrestrained melodies.

Translation is a collection of songs that expose Clark’s lyrical vulnerability and musical range. The songs effortlessly flow from soaring melodic rock to intimate moments of acoustic folk. The anthemic opening title track sets the tone with its poignant look at a journey from “grace to good and back again”. Heaven and Give it All Away show Clark’s ability to create melodic pop-rock songs, and Mercy will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who recognizes their own need to cry mercy. Translation has already created quite a buzz since its early fall release and Clark will surely resonate as one of year’s most distinguished breakthrough artists.



Written By: Patrick Ryan Clark, Cary Pierce and Sean Hurley

Our love tonight lost in the dark
From heart to mind to mouth again

Love will be there always when I return
Cool to the touch but badly burned

Come out come out come out and show yourself
Get it into the light up and off your chest

Car to park to street to door to my hotel
Pull the blinds not doing well
I’m living in the state of tough transition
From grace to good to back again

Come out come out come out and show yourself
Get it into the light up and off your chest
Cause I’m blinded by the truth
And I need some living proof

Give It All Away

Written By: Patrick Ryan Clark, Cary Pierce and Sean Hurley

Love like you love yourself
Try living for someone else
It’s bound to pay

Off in eternal life
It’s the only way for you to fly
Get on the Way,

Trust the Word, renew your mind
Be loving - be firm yet kind
Carried away

In the stream – I’ve lost control
Enemy give back my soul
Get on your way, today’s the day

You are the One who Came
To settle the debt of man
Your life and death proclaim
You can have it all - when you give it all away

Walk through the narrow gate
broad the road the world creates
You’re not alone

Let your eyes look straight ahead
level paths believe be led
A single stone, can overthrow


Written By: Patrick Ryan Clark, Cary Pierce and Ed Cash

I’ve been walking in the rain for hours
Lost car keys but at my door, they fall out of my bag man it’s such a drag

Park myself in front of TV set
One light room in one light town
Not much up to get me down
But it’s early yet

I can/turn this heart around and point it at the Light
I’ve been off on my shots at right

I begin to write this song to you
And as I start to sing along I realize the glaring truth
That I’m not this cool

So I enlist assistance from my friends
Who tell me “think about the end and how your days here will be spent” - then off I went

I cry Mercy Mercy Mercy
She says Love is never easy
Won’t you lay your hands upon me
Although I am not deserving

And I can turn this heart around
Point it at the Light
I’ve been off on all my shots at right


Translation, 2006 Foreverything Records

Airplay on 89.7 Power FM in Dallas Texas.
Red Cap Radio - South Africa

Set List

1 hour set, every song on "Translation".

I am Free - Newsboys
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Everlasting God - Lincoln Brewster
Blessed by your name - Tree63
Holy is the Lord - Chris Tomlin
Waves of Mercy - Micheal W. Smith
Your Grace is enough - Chris Tomlin
Here I am to worship - Tim Hughes
Better is one day
How great is our God - Chris Tomlin