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Douglasville, Georgia, United States | SELF

Douglasville, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"Wizkid Sound: The Patrick Scott Edition"

Patrick Scott's Recordings Complete

He's toured the country as a musician for Zac Brown's label, shared the stage with Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel, and even opened for Bon Jovi at Philips Arena. "It's all about the relationships you keep with people," says the intensely likable Scott, who at 24 has made more connections than many musicians make in a lifetime. But while loyalty and respect have paid off for the singer/songwriter, Scott rarely acknowledges his most important asset: His music is good. Really good.

With his soon to be released EP In This Room, Scott proves that he is ready to shine as a solo artist. "In my previous band [Beyond Tomorrow] the (co-written) songs were about hypothetical situations. These new tracks are very personal and come directly from my own experiences." No where is this more apparent than on "The Edge," a powerful piano-driven rock ballad. It is a story of painful reflection and missed opportunities. These lyrics aren't just cobbled together...the sincerity and conviction in Scott's voice is real.

Don't be fooled by the sultry subject matter though. Patrick is a pop craftsman at heart and much of his music has smash hit potential and crossover audience appeal. He's currently auditioning for a spot on the Bravo Channel's new reality TV series called "Hit Makers," which will pit some of the country's best unknown songwriters against each other in front of a national audience. He's already breezed through three rounds of cuts and his chances of getting casted look very good.

With his undeniable talent, solid work ethic, and his knack for developing strong relationships, Scott is poised for great things. "Of course it's my art and I'm always gonna write and play music," he explains, "but I want to be doing this for a living. I'm a performer 100% and I want people to enjoy it and share in it with me. My ultimate goal is to make money doing what I love."

"In This Room", due out for release in fall of 2010 will feature a combination of Scott's full rock songs as well as some acoustic recordings. Check out "Weightless" and "The Edge". You find Patrick on Facebook, too. - Wizkid Sound

"Beyond Tomorrow wins contest, to open for Bon Jovi"

Athens is a town inundated with local music acts, but only Beyond Tomorrow – a catchy rock quartet of University students – will play to a crowd of 21,000 people when it opens for Bon Jovi’s sold out show tonight at Philips Arena.

When radio station Star 94 announced its Battle of the Bands competition in which 16 bands were chosen to compete for the chance to open for Bon Jovi, Beyond Tomorrow rhythm guitarist Steve Gagnier said the band brushed it off at first. According to the 19-year-old accounting major from Norcross, the group waited until the last day to turn in their song, “Follow You.”

Beyond Tomorrow’s song was one of the 16 chosen from 159 applicants, lead singer/guitarist Patrick Hoydar said, and a massive wave of fan support via telephone votes propelled them to an eventual victory last Friday in the final round against Poolstick, a band based out of Georgia Tech.

“The first three competitions, we were stacked up against friends of ours,” said Gagnier, citing Helios, State of Man and Legend Has It as more than fair competition.

Hoydar admits there was lots of knocking on wood every morning when the band would gather in their basement to catch Star 94’s Steve and Vikki morning show and see how they were doing.

“I feel lucky and blessed to have won this competition,” said Hoydar, a 20-year-old from Douglasville majoring in business management. “It’s been a wild ride. This past week has been a dream, and I’ve been freaking out every hour, on the hour.”

Bass player Alec Wooden, a 19-year-old journalism major from Stone Mountain, agreed, saying band members haven’t slept much in the past eight days. Class has unofficially been put on hold for the group’s members, and Wooden jokingly added that this article would be his note for missing class.

Beyond Tomorrow began as a duo of Hoydar and Gagnier in 2004. After winning numerous open mic competitions in Athens and acquiring Wooden and drummer Phil Goodwin, the group recorded a short album with the help of Marc McKlusky, a friend of the band who has since moved to Chicago.

With their newfound success and popularity, Beyond Tomorrow hopes to take its music to the next level.

“We’re looking at Warped Tour for this summer,” said Goodwin, a 19-year-old from Athens whose studies as an art major are being put to use via the band’s merchandise and artwork.

The group is saving $4,000 to fly to Chicago to record a full-length album with McKlusky. Though the band has been approached by a number of people aiming to promote and manage it, members claim a friendly loyalty to McKlusky and prides itself on being a hard-working, self-supporting band. - Red and Black newspaper

"Local band departs from Athens music scene"

As Shakespeare once penned, “parting is such sweet sorrow.” So long, Beyond Tomorrow – the local band plays its last show tonight.

“It’s bittersweet. We don’t want it to end,” said keyboardist Michael Ellers, a 2007 alumnus from Kennesaw. “I think we’re just kind of moving to different stages in our lives.”

Guitarist and vocalist Patrick Hoydar, a junior business education major from Douglasville, said the band had trouble focusing on music with the members’ other commitments.

“Life has gotten in the way of all of that stuff,” Hoydar said.

The band gained recognition after winning a battle of the bands in 2005 sponsored by Star 94.1 FM. It earned a spot opening for Bon Jovi at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

“We’ve been through a lot in a very short period of time,” said drummer Philip Goodwin, a former University student from Athens.

The band members said they wished the band could continue, but are excited about the future.

“It’s the closing of one door and the opening of another,” Ellers said, “kind of a finale in a big chapter in all of our lives.”

Ellers said he planned to get a full-time job and put his recently acquired degree in finance to work.

Goodwin said he hopes to devote more time to his full-time job as creative director for fashion design company Raw Talent.

Hoydar said he wanted to stay involved in music.

“I personally am getting really big into music production,” he said.

Bassist Alec Wooden, a senior telecommunication arts major from Tucker, and Out & About editor for The Red & Black, also said he wanted to pursue music. Wooden said he wanted to look for a job in journalism.

All the band members said they wanted to go out with a bang.

“It’s going to be an emotional and nostalgic night,” Ellers said. - Red and Black newspaper

"Band goes back to roots, acoustic performance to benefit injured friend in need"

Beyond Tomorrow wants to prove they can rock out – even with the power out.

The group will perform its first acoustic show since coming together as a band two years ago.

University junior Steve Gagnier (guitar) and Patrick Hoydar (lead vocals/guitar) began the group as an acoustic band after meeting at the University freshman orientation.

After adding Alec Wooden (bass) and Phil Goodwin (drums), the group changed to more of a full rock band. University junior Michael Ellers (keyboard) completed the band.

Wooden said that the acoustic performance will focus on vocal harmonies.

“It will really strip things down and hopefully show another side,” said Wooden, a University junior.

Although Beyond Tomorrow only has been together for two years, Wooden said they have had great success as a band.

“It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. We’ve hit a lot of highs in two years, and we’re trying to keep a level head and keep focused,” he said.

A year ago, Beyond Tomorrow opened up for Bon Jovi, and in September the group put out its debut album. The band also is in negotiations with the music label Mogul Music.

“The five of us get along so well – that comes out in the music,” said Wooden of the group’s success.

He went on to say that among the five of them, there is no ego and they are free to express their opinions. They do not release music until they all are happy with it.

All of Beyond Tomorrow’s proceeds will go to defray Josh Gilbert’s medical expenses. Gilbert is a friend of the band who was badly injured in a skateboarding accident.

Hillside Manor, Crumbling Arches, Milhouse and 23jinx also will join Beyond Tomorrow for the show at Tasty World.

Hillside Manor’s Kyle Dickherber (lead vocals/guitar) said they have been writing new music that has a distinctly different sound than their previous music.

“It will definitely be a smash in the face,” said Dickherber.

He said that the lyrics are a bit deeper, while the music is faster, bigger and more electric sounding.

Dickherber said that the new style comes from a desire for the band to keep changing and avoid being stuck stylistically.

Billy Justineau (keyboard) said that Hillside Manor also has been working on their stage presence.

“It will not just be a bunch of songs in succession,” he said.

He echoed Dickherber’s ideas about their musical style. Justineau said nothing is against the rules for them, and they are constantly trying to incorporate different instruments and arrangements.

Hillside Manor will be giving away a free five-song track featuring new music. Dickherber said the most important thing is for people to listen to their music. - Red and Black newspaper


Still working on that hot first release.



Tired of third person biographies, I have decided to tell you about myself...myself.

Ever since I was the chubby awkward kid playing saxophone in the 6th grade band, I can remember having an undeniable passion for music. Specifically, I have always been attracted to melody lines and chords structures that can't be shaken from my brain brain. My goal with every song I write is to express my emotion in that moment as well as draw the listener in through the song's sound and meaning.

This page is starting with four songs that I have been playing for a while and working very hard to get done recording. Please give them a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks to everyone who visits this page and takes some time to peek around.

Special thanks to Wizkid Sound for recording the tracks Weightless, The Edge, and I'm in this for Love and thanks to The Odyssey Studio for recording the acoustic version of Last Goodbye.