patrick sheehan

patrick sheehan


Everything from Beatles to Prince . Origins from Rock, Funk, Reggae, R&B ,Soul,and Pop. Super groovy and very melodic. This is where Rythm meets melody in a unique and innovative way to create a total feel good listening expericnce.


I Patrick Sheehan, was born and raised in Montreal. I Started playing guitar at age 14 and was influenced by 60's and 70's rock. Jimi Hendrix was my big hero back then. However at 18 I joined my first band .This was actually a Reggae band. Go Figure, however that has opened the doors to exploring other styles such as Funk ,R&B ,Jazz. I have been playing in Fuck and R&B band for the last 20 years and have been composing music influenced by my rock and Funk ,R&B backgrounds. I now own a recording studio and have been producing music for the last 8 years for myself and various local artists.


Feels so Good

Written By: Patrick Sheehan

This is the day
That brings us together
To celebrate our love
And it feels so good

Ooh , it feels so good, feels so good

This love is oh so strong
Ours souls are as one
And it feels oh so good, so good

Ooh , it feels so , it feels so good,
I feel so, I feel so good, I feel so ,
I feel so, I feel, I feel so good

You are my miracle and I am yours
Its so amazing this ove of ours

And it feels oh so good, and it feels Oh so good ,

Ooh it feels so good