Patrick Sylvest

Patrick Sylvest

 Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA

Reflecting on personal life events, Patrick Sylvest strikes a chord with his listeners connecting real experiences with inspiring lyrics. Patrick combines his smooth baritone vocals with the superb talent of Nashville's finest session players to create a sound that is contagiously appealing.


I was born and raised in South Louisiana on the Mighty Mississippi where I began my music career playing guitar and singing in the choir in Church and school and anywhere else I could find to play. I've also played with several bands over the years, preferring the acoustic variety the most; The Moss Pickers, of Thibodaux, LA was my most recent foray into the band format. I'm settled on Bayou Lafourche where I've raised my family. I've been writing songs ever since I began to play the guitar at age 14. I've performed in open mic's all over and in Coffee Shops for the past several years. Coffee Shop patrons tend to be the music listening type which is probably why singer songwriters like myself gravitate toward such venues. I love great folk music, new and old. There's nothing better than a well sung story to tug at the heartstrings or tickle the funny bone of an audience. The title song of my New CD, 'A Little Less Louisiana', laments the tragedy of our vanishing Louisiana Coastline. It is my most sincere hope that this CD can bring this problem into the consciousness of as many people as possible.


A Little Less Louisiana

Written By: Patrick Sylvest

A Little Less Louisiana

As the sun sets on another day,
a little more marshland washes away.
And there's a little less Louisiana to call home.

From Chandeluer to Plaquemine,
Grand Isle to Cameron,
the old timers wonder where it's gone?


But Papaw doesn't understand,
He just wants to go home
The tears well up in his eyes
'cause it's washed away and gone...Washed away and gone.

They leveed off the river
that built up the land where we've been livin',
It seemed right at the time
how could they know?

Then came the oilmen
with their barges, platforms, plans, and schemes.
The price would be our culture and our dreams.



So where do we go from here,
With all our sadness and our tears?
Our heritage, our land...
When will they understand?

As the sun sets on another day, a little more marshland washes away
and there's a little less Louisiana to call home, a little less louisiana to call home........


'A Little Less Louisiana' is Patrick's debut release and is comprised of a dozen original songs. It was Produced in Franklin, TN by Harry Robinson who also contributes on rhythm guitar on most of the tracks. Roger Morris plays piano and keyboards, Tommy Wells-drums, David Martin-bass, Carolyn Martin-backing vocals, Rob Ickes-dobro and slide guitars, and Andy Leftwich-Mandolin and Fiddle. The CD was mastered at Java Jive Studios in Joelton, TN by Mark Hornsby and David Martin. Available at and on itunes.

Set List

I play a mix of original tunes and covers. The covers I select are folk songs that move me in some way personally and that you'll not frequently hear covered. A couple of Lyle Lovett songs, a Carter Family classic or two, or an old Jimmie Rogers or John Hartford song might be something you'd hear me play.