Patrick Vega

Patrick Vega


Compelling rock-songs without vocals? This record proves: it works! Modern but vintage vibey songwriting, tone and feel with hooky melodies; and you cannot miss the casual demonstration of Vega’s mind-boggling chops. But the story behind this record is as intriguing as the music itself..


Patrick Vega is a Los Angeles, CA based guitar player whose live studio and press credits include the Vans Warped tour, Henson, Paramount, Matrix and Elementree/KoRn Recording studios, Guitar Player and all Access magazine and the Northern Californian Songcontest.

Compelling Rock songs without vocals:
2007 is the year for the first solo album of Patrick Vega: Freefall Faith Firestorm "Driven by a stalker, produced in a bedroom".



Freefall Faith Firestorm (2007, Rock, FFF)
All music & performance by Patrick Vega. Produced by Vega

Set List

1. Hear my train a comin'
2. War Party
3. My Demons
4. The Voice of Virtue
5. No One
6. Danza Demoniaca
7. The Big Lion
8. For The Art & Somebody Else
9. Camael
10. Operation California
11. Oceans In Between us
12. The Song of Ease
13. No Surrender

ca. 60 minutes