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Patrik/Chase aka Hazadous has been rapping for over 8 years and performed with Obie Trice, Bubba Sparxxx, eminem, Naughty by nature and more. Has a unique conscious sound with an emphasis on being very lyrically based.


Major influences include common, talib kweli, Kenn Starr, eminem, linkin park, jack johnson, ben harper, the goo goo dolls. Patrik Chases influences are very wide ranged. The music has an emphasis on underground conscious rapper without crude lyrics or those about guns, money, women or cars. The music is just that, about music and all of the struggles one faces in todays culture mainly focused around love.
Patrik Chase Has been on stage and performed with Obie Trice, Bubba Sparxx, Naughty by Nature, Eminem and Ja Rule. Has been rapping for over 8 years.


Hazadous: Superstar (2003)

Hazadous and Mr. Dean Summer mixtape (2005)

Hazadous and Mr. Dean The trendsetterz (2007)

Patrik Chase Mission Statement (2008)

Hazadous In the Beginning (2008)

Set List

Typical set list is

1.Hazadous and Bizzy Bone with you
2. Everything's eventual
3. MOre answers than questions
4 The club song
5. ONe night feat playalitical

Typical sets usually last for around 20-25 min. All the songs are originals and ones that are found to be the most popular by fans.