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"On The Beat "Patrizia's operatic rock" By Kerry Doole"

...She has the looks and voice of a true diva (she is classically trained) and is aided by such top-calibre players as guitarist KEVIN BREIT and bassist FERGUS MARSH... - Tandemnews

"Mixing opera with rock, Patrizia set to debut new record"

“More erocative than provocative is Italian-born, Thunder Bay-raised Patrizia, who’s eye-popping looks and smooth as soft ice-cream four-octave pipes have won her invitations from Bravo and Fashion TV, as well as attention from the CBC…” - FYI - David Farrell

"The Iron maiden of opera"

" ...and the assembled audience - with nary an opera connoisseur to be seen scanning the choices of draught at the bar - loved it. " - John Terauds

- Toronto Star

"Cathay Ball"

The feature performer was Patrizia, who is known for what may be called Alternative Operatic Rock. Her chilling four-octave operatic voice had the stage presence and attitude of a rock star. What a thrilling performance! - Juicy Stuff

"Movers And Shakers - The New Women Of Canadiana"

..Patrizia's 4-octave voice takes the listener into an emotional and impassioned journey by fusing opera, rock, metal, classical and techno dance elements together. - Gwntertaiment magazine

"10 Best Female Rock Artists 2010"

Another rising star among Canada's female rock artists, Patrizia is considered by many as Canada's next sensation. Joe Chishom of Indiecan called her the female version of Freddy Mercury. - Made Manual


" Few have generated the kind of excitement currently building up around Patrizia ... " - The Evening Patriot - Doug Gallant

"The Edge of Emotion Review"

”Patrizia combines her unique soprano voice and thundering rock to create a stunning new genre in the music world." - City Life Magazine - Orazio Mauro


" Perhaps the most unique performer I have ever heard in my life..Freddy Mercury (Queen) would have been blown away and completely dazzled by Patrizia...this is one incredible force of nature....she is definitely a performer to watch, one who will change the face of music as her career waxes. " - Linear Reflections

"Patrizia @ CMW"

“….the audience was fascinated and riveted…” - Chart Attack Magazine

"Pop Goes The Artist"

Patrizia generated a certain amount of buzz inside the music industry.....
in recent weeks, a new Patrizia came onto the scene. With an equal parts homage to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the shape-shifting glam-rock legend David Bowie, and some Lady Gaga, all dressed in white, Patrizia re-launched herself with a new persona and a new sound, an edgy, pop-tinged, high energy dance music with her single I Won't Stop Believing.... - The Whig Standard - Jim Barber


I Won't Stop Believin - 2010 -digital release
My Beloved - 2008
The Edge Of Emotion - 2005
Defiance - 2003



IndieCan - “Holy f****! Do you believe what you just saw and heard?”

Joe Chishom of Indiecan –“ the female version of Freddie Mercury”

Kerry Doole (Tandemnews) " ..Patrizia has the looks and voice of a true diva... “

CBC Radio 3 - "PATRIZIA is proving herself as one of Canada's premiere talents...Canada's Next Sensation "

David Farrell – FYI Music- “More erocative than provocative is Italian-born, Thunder Bay-raised Patrizia, who’s eye-popping looks and smooth as soft ice-cream four-octave pipes have won her invitations from Bravo and Fashion TV, as well as attention from the CBC…”

Caitlin Hotchkiss (Chart Attack Magazine – CMW Live Showcase Review)
“….the audience was fascinated and riveted…”


#1 SOCAN Award

#1 Song on Bravo! Videos - Temptation

#2 song on Bravo!Videos - Desperation

Artist of the year 2010 - Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards

Best Toronto Pop Song "I won't stop believin" -Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards

BravoFact Presents: The Best Canadian Female Vocalists.

One of the top 10 Movers and Shakers in Canadian Music to watch for! - Gwntertaiment magazine

One of the 10 Best Female Rock Artists 2010 -


CBC Radio
Fashion Television
Bravo! TV
Global TV
Omni One TV
Chin TV
Sun TV
Classic Fm TV (UK)


Nathan Phillips Square
Cavalcade of Lights
Metro Convention Centre
WinterCity Festival
FAT ( Alternative Fashion Week)
Taste of the Danforth Festival
Taste of Toronto Entertainment District
Capitol Theatre
Contact East 2009 etc..

Fuse a glorious 4-octave voice to the frame of the petite, smoulderingly beautiful, Italian-born PATRIZIA and you get what CBC Radio 3 is calling “Canada's Next Sensation!” Juxtaposing her rare dramatic coloratura soprano vocal prowess with rock, pop, techno and electro instrumentation, PATRIZIA pioneers a genre few could have ever dreamt of, and even fewer could hope to pull off! A bona fide diva, PATRIZIA owns the stage like a rock star, leaving her audiences breathless, while seamlessly instilling in them her passion for a classic performance art!

Growing up a staunch rock n' roller, PATRIZIA paid her dues fronting rock bands -- until one perception-shattering moment: she heard a recording of the legendary soprano Maria Callas for the first time! Stunned by the power, beauty and range of emotion in what she heard, PATRIZIA immersed herself in opera, heart and soul. Seeking out the guidance of world-class instructors, PATRIZIA developed her incredible voice with trainers like Stephanie Bogle, John Hess, Stuart Hamilton, Alisa Palmer, Tom Diamond and Paula Suozzi, to name just a few, and subsequently starred in numerous operatic productions. Despite earning critical praise from her peers for her distinctive vocals and explosive stage presence, PATRIZIA could not let go of her first love: rock music. Upon realizing this creative void in her life, the concept of marrying her two greatest musical lovers was like having a light switch flipped 'on,' - this was what she was meant to do all along!

And what response! From vision to reality, PATRIZIA worked tirelessly to bring rock opera to life, and has a mile-long list of accomplishments and accolades to prove that, yes, the world needed this! Her first single Rage produced by the late Kenny McLean of Platinum Blonde led the way for PATRIZIA’s first album, “The Edge of Emotion,” produced by Paul Milner (Eddy Grant, Keith Richards, I Mother Earth) a collection of the most celebrated classical arias, performed with fire, attitude and precision, set to classic rock instrumentation. Her last release, “My Beloved,” took PATRIZIA's rock opera vision to a whole new level, this time adding modern rock hits and even original songs next to revamped classical pieces. Produced by 5-time Grammy winner Steve Thompson (Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Madonna), the record truly brought to life her belief that opera is a living art form, integrable with rock, metal and industrial sounds, commanding, hip and important as ever.

PATRIZIA has also brought her passion to TV: her first video, “Rage” was featured at the 2001 Italian Film Festival and charted on Bravo! Television, where her second video, “Temptation” reached #1! Her most recent video, “Desperation” charted at #2 and was featured on BravoFact Presents: The Best Canadian Female Vocalists. Subsequently, she received a SOCAN award for her #1 song on Bravo! She has also been featured on OMNI1's Noi Oggi and even Fashion Television for her performance of Carmen's Habanera at FAT (Alternative Fashion Week), where she dou