Patron the DepthMC

Patron the DepthMC

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Deep, conscious and philosophical. Hip Hop John Legend.


PATRON the DepthMC is a recording artist, emcee with love for the keys.
His journey started at the age of 14 when he was doing research at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, MD – Patron’s hometown. There was no doubt about his talent.
He studied to become a heart surgeon, broke 25 year old University record in hurdling with Olympic level talent, but he left it all behind to follow his passion for music.
He taught himself how to play piano and left his hometown to perform around the country as an independent pianist. After struggling on the streets he was forced to work three shifts a day to keep a roof over his head and still make music.
Success came after writing and producing the song “The Glory” that was published by RIM music group for Olympics. He was able to quit his 3 jobs and focus on his first piano CD. Later on, he released his second successful piano CD that gave him a record, distribution and promotion deal with High Horse records from Nashville, TN. His original compositions were featured for TV, film and commercial which brought him distribution deal with WAP publishing in England.

Patron the DepthMC was also nominated for Best Song at the Independent Hip Hop Awards 2013.
He currently released his new album "L.N.C. Part II. This is his third album after his first successful hip hop album "With character" distributed by Interscope Records.
Patron the DepthMC's latest interview was with Vibe TV, who called him Hip Hop John Legend.


Albums: 2012 " With Character"
2013 " L.N.C. Part I."
2013 " L.N.C. Part II."

Singles: 2011 "She Said No"
2012 "Obama We Can Stand Together"
2013 " Come Real"
2013 "Don't Stop Now"