Pattern Is Movement

Pattern Is Movement


Rhythms that incite, and intrigue; melodies that inspire epic visions and give life to the mundane –Pattern is Movement embodies a myriad of characteristics and identities; stemming from a post-rock prediliction, all built upon a intricate, yet steady drum patterns.


When Pattern is Movement decided to write The (Im)possibility of Longing, they began with a simple story: one person's departure from a community's aspirations and hopes. Drawing from Joycean narratives, Roman history, and theological parables, and then pairing those with a curious predilection toward math rock and musical theatre, Pattern is Movement constructed a tale that explores the mundanity of communal life by unfolding the extraordinary events of one revolutionary character.
However, this album is not simply a narrative set to music. Rather, the members of Pattern is Movement decided early in the process to write the music in such a way that, at times, the angles of the music dictate the twists and turns of the narrative; the lyrics often function as interpretations of the musical plot.
This emphasis upon music's ability to narrate is rare in contemporary music, where music is seen as décor for life against the backdrop of the volatile political climate, not as a catalyst for social change. Art has been rendered powerless to transform anything but emotions. Subsequently, we have seen less compelling narratives in music. Some artists, most notably Pedro the Lion, have continued to use narrative as a lyric device, but, aside from musical theatre works, the music of many of these contemporary pieces has had little bearing on the lyrical narratives within.
Pattern is Movement's commitment is to make music robust narratives of the stuff of life - love, fear, community, violence, politics - that meet
the audience at a deeper level, thereby re-establishing the connection between art and life - art for life's sake. Pattern is Movement believes
that art can and does make a difference in life, that it does have power to change relationships and political climates, for good and for ill.
Pattern is Movement has recently found ample encouragement from Noreaster Failed Industries [NFI] - home of The Frequency [Trans Am's
Sebastian Thomson], Struction, Southkill, Aleuchatistas - for pursuing this reconnection of art to life, and will be touring in support of The
(Im)ossibility of Longing this Summer and Fall.


The (Im)possibility of Longing CD (re-released, NFI Records, August 2004)
The (Im)possibility of Longing CD (self released, May 2004)
Pika Doun EP (self released, Feb 2003)

Set List

Non Servium, Gunsmith, Julius, I Should Be Leaving, Albatross, Maple, Icarus, Excursus - apx 30 minutes