Patti Anne Mathison

Patti Anne Mathison


Patti-Anne is a Canadian born singer/songwriter living in Seattle. Backed by seasoned professional musicians, the live show trends toward country rock and mixes upbeat and ballad originals, along with the occastional smokin covers. The CD is available and is spinning on 150+ radio stations.


Patti-Anne Mathison was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She currently resides in Seattle Washington.

Her debut CD, released in 2006 is available on I-tunes,, CD Baby and select retailers. The music highlights her diverse musical and lyrical style. The songs range from the acoustic-electric Southern rock feel of “Preacher” to the classic pop of “Not Too Late”. These contrast with the back porch country blues of “Goodbye Charlie”, and the plaintive, yearning country ballad “Forgive”.
“You Got That Something”, a sexy R & B tune, the new classic jazz ballad “How Did I Get This Way” and the belligerent honky-tonk of “Cheap Red Wine” all explore the different musical personalities Patti-Anne embraces.

With a backline of seasoned musicians, the live stage performance draws from the current and upcoming CD, all original material written by Patti-Anne. The band puts out a high-energy show that showcases the musical ranges of these musicians.

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Not Too Late: Released 2006. New Canary Records.

10 songs professionally recorded and mastered.

Set List

Original Songs
1. Not Too Late
2. Preacher
3. Forgive
4. You Got Something
5. Cheap Red Wine
6. Prairie Waltz
7. Josephine
8. Summertime Girl
9. How Did I Get This Way
10. Goodbye Charlie
11. Hard Rain
12. Amsterdam
13. biggest Storms
Various including the most incredible tributes to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix...Justin is Jaw Dropping on the Guitar and Patti-Anne belts these out like no one else.