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Patti Ecker

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Americana Acoustic


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"Serving Magazine"

... In “True Love Whispers”, the words and the music beckon us into a pool of silky emotion, but it’s in the title track that the husky seduction of Ecker’s voice meets her most accessible lyric. “Luck is dancing in the wind, you can read it in the Tarot, you can feel it in the air,” captures us. She declares, “If he asks me I will go, wherever he may lead, though the journey may be long.” The song stays with us, and we find ourselves with the same lovesick willingness to follow wherever Ecker may lead, deep into her “Gypsy Lover’s Eyes”...
- Catt Fields White


"'True Love Whispers' is a great song!! You always were such a terrific writer - real heart in your songs!! Glad you are back at the writing table!!"
Doug Shawe, songwriter

"I sure enjoyed your songs...particularly the belted blues. You've got a great voice for filled the building. Thanks for the poster and "break a leg"
Patricia Pettinga,

"Hey, Alto! You've got quite a way with words..."
Chuck Mitchell, singer

"You sing with such abandon..."
Ariane Lydon, musician/singer/songwriter

"Your songs are so cool!"
Allison Downey, singer/songwriter - From fellow musicians...

" Cultural Magazine"

"...surprising depth and sophistication...dramatic voice ..." - Tracie Vida

"The Muse's Muse Reviews"

The first song on this fine set lured me in – “Talk To Ya, Mister” boasts Patti Ecker’s sassy, bluesy vocal over a groovy, countrified soul vibe. A whole bunch more of this would be cool, I thought. In the same radio-ready adult-alternative vein as “Mister,” Ecker and her tasty backing players later deliver the mellow, soulful "Shine." But Gypsy Lover’s Eyes is so much more.

Ecker’s album also has a full complement of jazzy tracks, some infectious pop rockers, and a few simple acoustic numbers. Ecker’s expressive, conversational vocal style works no matter what the genre, and she has chosen top-notch musicians. Ecker herself is a spot-on rhythm guitarist.

On the jazz/standard tunes, Ecker can sound vampy (“Put the Blame On Mame,” the disc’s lone cover), vulnerable (“Baby’s Got the Blues”), gutsy (“Indifferent Love”) and jaunty (“Too Close Too Soon”). “Indifferent” features Ecker’s charmingly dramatic vocal delivering lyrics from a bygone era, punctuated by John Otto’s bouncy clarinet. “Too Close Too Soon” is also a fine vocal performance, this time featuring another gifted soloist, fiddler Rick Veras.

The two pop rockers are nifty fun. “Elsie” is a Cajun-style ode to an oft-misbehaved dog. This would go great on a kids’ album, especially since the lyrics are clever without being condescending. “You Missed Her” is breezy, fun, and kind of tropical, buoyed by L.J. Slavin’s dancing flute.

The simple, folk-country “The Grace of a Song” and the closing “True Love Whispers” are shimmering, hopeful acoustic gems. At the other end of the spectrum is the absolutely smoking “Learn to Be Lonely.” Ecker wails and growls her useful advice like she’s preaching hard-earned truths, and Steve Doyle nails his slide guitar riffs.

“Okay For You” and “Gypsy Lover’s Eyes” are also worth noting because they are so darned infectious “Okay” sounds like Bourbon Street, with Ecker strumming like a Dixieland banjoist. And “Gypsy” begins with Louise Brodie’ mournful violin and turns into a poppy treat with vocals that remind me of a ‘50s- or early ‘60s-style girl group.

Patti Ecker is a gifted songwriter in many styles, and a singer who can tackle any kind of song. (She also does brilliant work on her own background vocals). On Gypsy Lover’s Eyes, Ecker and her accompanying players confidently take us on a tour of many of the traditional styles that mesh into the modern Americana genre.

- Chip Withrow

"Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange Reviews"

Patti Ecker- Gypsy Lover's Eyes

A review written for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Frank Gutch Jr.

I'm not sure if a gypsy's eyes are like Patti Ecker's, but I wouldn't be surprised. Gypsies are reputed to have a rascal's heart and when I see the picture on the back of the CD cover, I see rascal and maybe a bit more. The smile is wide, the eyes are mischievous and there is no doubt in my mind that she could emasculate every man-jack of us in a fell swoop. Well, maybe not, but there is likely more than a little drama in Patti Ecker because there sure is in her music.

I envision Ecker in a smoky lounge or on (or off) Broadway because she has a big voice, made for those venues. Of course, I'm influenced by her cover of Put the Blame on Mame. I can see in my mind's eye Ecker strutting across a stage, feather boa twirling and flipping while she vamps her way through the song, big time, before taking on Mame's dramatic eccentricities. Ecker can act, too. I know she can. You can't perform the song that well without being able to act, can you?

Regardless, I know what she can do. She can write songs. The blues and jazz are buried deep within her, and maybe that is why she has that aura of the stage. It's not just the standard blues and jazz, either. She toys with '20s ragtime and dixieland with Okay For You (Hollywood's conception of F. Scott Fitzgerald screens on my inner eyelids every time I hear it), You Missed Her visits the Carribean ('50s style), musical theater loves songs like the jazzy Too Close, Too Soon (let's face it, you have to love a song which rhymes "moon" and "June" without making you cringe), and there's my personal favorite, Baby's Got the Blues. Ecker pulls out the stops on this one and surrounds herself with just the right amount of blues and jazz, and let's hear it for the ensemble. Even on the '50s-influenced Gypsy Lover's Eyes, they have the touch.

Yes, let's hear it for the ensemble. Ecker gathered some really fine musicians to help her with this. Rocco Phipps and Marc Edelstein are outstanding on the upright bass, Gordon James floors me with his jazz piano, Steve Doyle slides on that guitar, and, and… I like it better when artists use a finite number of musicians because it's easier to pass the praise, but what the heck, let her use as many as she wants. It works, and that's what counts.

Ecker, if you're listening, take this for what it's worth. There aren't that many people out there who can embrace musical theater and make it work. I believe you can, and it would be one hell of a lot easier on you than sucking down blue clouds of smoke in some basement speakeasy. I'm sure you could do both well because you did it well here, but man, I would pay good money to see you do a couple of sets of Baby's Got the Blues tunes. If you head that direction, I'll be the one at the counter swilling down martinis with three olives. Just pour me into a cab when you're done.
Track List:

* Talk To Ya, Mister
* Put the Blame On Mame
* Baby's Got the Blues
* Elsie
* Indifferent Love
* The Grace of a Song
* Learn To Be Lonely
* Not Really Spring
* Shine
* You Missed Her
* Too Close, Too Soon
* Okay For You
* Gypsy Lover's Eyes
* True Love Whispers

All songs written by Patti Ecker except Put the Blame On Mame (Roberts/Fisher).

Edited by: David N. Pyles
Copyright 2009, Peterborough Folk Music Society.

- by Frank Gutch Jr.


"So much energy in your voice and guitar and so much raw beauty in the lyrics! Bending to the ground like a ripening peach is an unshakeable image--I love it. 'Grace of a Song' definitely sticks in my head... "

Bridget Remington, writer

"I listened to “Put the Blame on Mame” and I swear if I closed my eyes it transported me to a smoky bar on Maxwell listening to one those great singer/story tellers. God I miss being able to go out and hear true entertainment! Bravo Patti!!!!"
Jude - MySpace friend
- From friends...


Thank you again for your wonderful performance at our farmers market. Your acoustical sound was perfect for our market venue and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, even the vendors! We would love to have you back and hope you will consider performing at our market again. We look forward to your return!

Thanks again,

Joan Reed
Co-Manager, Deerfield Farmers Market
- From venues...

"Folk Festival, WDCB Public Radio"

With her new CD,"Gypsy Lover's Eyes", Patti Ecker reveals both song-writing and musical versatility, delivering
a solid album of engaging material, ranging from a smoky blues ballad to an up tempo romp with Elsie,her pet dog.
Ecker, a staff instructor at the Old Town School of Folk Music, is also an excellent entertainer, able to connect with an audience in a way that makes everyone feel like they've just made a new friend.

- Lilli Kuzma


Gypsy Lover's Eyes 2007



About Patti:
With a performing style that embraces the audience, Patti Ecker plays guitar in a strong, percussive style that complements her warm, soulful voice. She sings classic and torchy tunes, but she can tickle and surprise you with her quirky, slice-of-life compositions and absolutely break your heart with her ballads and blues.
Patti is an artist for the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Global Roots Outreach program in Chicago. She also performs with The Shameless Hussies, a yearly cabaret-concert event that features six Chicagoland female artists. Both of her CDs, the award-winning “Prairieland” (2002) and the sultry “Gypsy Lover’s Eyes” (2007) feature Louise Brodie’s inventive fiddle work. Patti’s vibrant and enduring songwriting continues to receive accolades and professional recognition. "Elsie" and "Indifferent Love" each received an Honorable Mention award in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. "Elsie" is a finalist/honors winner in the 2008 Great American Song Contest.

About Louise:
Since she was a child, Louise Brodie has played any and every style of music she could. She is able to switch musical gears on a dime. She flies on the fiddle, taking the listener from a Celtic festival to a smoky blues bar to a place of enchanted dreams. Her husky alto voice is tinged with country and conviction, and her original fiddle tunes pull from her deep love of traditional music.
Louise has performed in productions at the Blackstone and Goodman Theaters and is a member of the Celtic group Glen Ayre. Louise appears on Glen Ayre’s 2005 CD, “The Uneven Bridge.”

It was Kismet when Patti and Louise met at the Old Town School and began melding musically. They’ve decided to join forces and have some fun. You’re invited!

“…a wonderfully diverse and surprising range of music.”
-- Betty Trowbridge, Black Hawk Concert Series, Mount Morris Wisconsin

“…“Gypsy” begins with Louise Brodie’s mournful violin and turns into a poppy treat with vocals that remind me of a ‘50s or early ‘60s-style girl group… Patti Ecker is a gifted songwriter in many styles, and a singer who can tackle any kind of song.
– Chip Withrow, The Muse’s Muse Music Reviews

“Expect the unexpected from this Chicagoland duo - Celtic, jazz, blues, ballads…”
--Kathryn Morski, D.A.F.T Folk Festival, Escanaba, Michigan

“I listened to 'Put the Blame on Mame' and I swear if I closed my eyes, it transported me to a smoky bar on Maxwell listening to one of those great singer/story tellers. I miss being able to go out and hear true entertainment! Bravo!”
– Jude, MySpace friend