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Patti Rain

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1977

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 1977
Solo Folk Americana





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When did you first become interested in music?
I guess I first became interested in music as a child when I was introduced to piano at about age 7. Until then, I was only involved in the arts as a dancer, ballet, tap, Hawaiian, & modern jazz. But as the music of the late 50’s and early 60’s evolved, I was sitting in front of the TV the night Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles, and Oh! how I loved them!

Was there anyone who inspired or influenced you to pursue a career as a musician/performer?
Later I became very inspired by the work of Bob Dylan. Joni Mitchell was another influence. But you must remember that I evolved first in the arts as a painter, graduating from UC Berkeley with a BFA in painting. I gave Joni a painting in 1979 when she performed at the Bread and Roses Concert with Herbie Hancock. I met her a few months later in New York at The Spring Street Bar. She told me she had given the painting away to the waitress in the hotel lobby because she loved it so. I was devastated. But as she was leaving she said, it was the process, the process that was the important thing. I try to remember that. I gave Dylan a painting in 1979, at the Oakland Coliseum. It was titled, “Tangled Up In Blue”. He thanked me from the stage, and that was it for me. I decided I needed to get a guitar and become a Rock Star so I could meet him. I ended up in New York about 3 months later. And so began a long, long journey that took me around the world, and my music just kept evolving.

Can you tell us about your experience in the jungle of the Philippines?
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in The Philippines. Filipinos are incredible artists, in all mediums. But musically they are the world’s best interpreters, imitators, of western music. There were several incredible folk singers would play every night, and I was so inspired. One night I was invited up to sing a song, I sang a Dylan song titled, “Just Like A Woman.” It was that night that I learned I had a voice. But it was a few years later before I actually started playing guitar. My first record was released in Manila, P.I. several years later when I returned to the Philippines to search for a band to create what I called “Rain Rock”, Folk Rock Reggae. Freddie Aguilar, the Bob Dylan of the Philippines, introduced me to a wonderful producer, Jose Marie Gonzalez, and together we produced a great record.

What project are you most proud of?
I am very happy with my current and only CD on the market to date, “I & I”.
I am anxious to do another CD. It is a reflection of the many different moods my music incorporates. I love being a member of the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Bob Dylan Ensemble. In this Ensemble we re-create an entire album in 8 weeks and perform it. My first and only guitar teacher, Jimmy Tomesello is our captain, and he leads us through these wonderful albums. I have been a contributing member for about 15 years, on and off, due to my children and my career as a teaching artist.

I also write and direct Performance Pieces with children for The Art Institute of Chicago, my favorite project was a piece entitled, “The Last Flowers of Manet”. The students were amazing, we wrote the piece together and framed Manet as the first artist to paint for Social Justice.

What performances have you enjoyed the most?
I have to say, performing at The Whiskey A-Go-Go last July 29, 2010 was a highlight!
To know I was on the same stage as Janis Joplin, The Doors, Tom Petty, it was pretty cool. And I rocked the Whiskey. I had the most awesome backup band of studio musicians that I hired when I got to LA, met them at 2:00 in the afternoon, played the gig about 8:00. It was a great night. That performance was part of my nomination as Americana Artist 2010 by the LA Music Awards. Another favorite performance was opening for DAVE MASON. That was too cool. And I also opened for THE BYRDS, both times in Chicago. My dream is to open for Dylan ….

What is it like to sing live in Japan?
The Japanese are wonderful people. Living there for four years really did change my life. My work ethic changed, my appreciation for everything changed. Singing in traditional clubs was not much fun, but when I played more ‘American Style” clubs and was able to do my original music, they loved it. They especially loved. “Born In Trouble”. The young Japanese girls would cry when they heard this song, it is a sad love song.

What do you love about this career?
As you know I am a Teaching Artist. I teach Visual Art to over 1100 students a year, which has been my passion for the last 20 years. The music has surfaced again through the Internet radio and my recent nomination as Americana Artist 2010. But the music business has been a difficult experience. I was ahead of my time, or just a bit too young. Either way, my music was either too political, or I sounded too much like Dylan, or too much like the 60’s…It was the C - Tiffany Petrossi-Founder, Rockin’ Moms

"Chicago Singer/Songwriter Patti Rain Wins Americana Artist of the Year at the 2010 L.A. Music Awards"

Rain to Present Humanitarian Honors to Georgia Senator and
Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland at Nov. 18 Awards Ceremony
In July, celebrated folk/rock singer /songwriter Patti Rain was nominated by her peers in the music industry for Americana Blues and Roots Artist of the Year at the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards. The nomination recognizes her song, "Born in Trouble," written about a Vietnam War Vet suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On Thur., Oct. 7, artists and fans voted at the Whisky a Go-Go to for their favorite songs and musicians at a time-honored tradition that shapes the final outcome of the Awards. And Patti Rain won!
And because of Patti's passion and recognition of those who have fought for their countries, event producers have selected her to present a special award to Georgia Senator and Vietnam War veteran Max Cleland, at the Los Angeles Music Awards Ceremony on Thur., Nov. 18, for his efforts in managing and promoting our country’s War Memorials honoring the men and women who have defended their country
Her song, “Hello Soldier”, a poetic and musical ode to soldiers who have served their countries, will accompany the presentation. “Patti’s song, ‘Hello Soldier,’ has been an inspiration to so many, and expresses the spirit and soul of the men and women of the armed forces in a poetic and unforgettable way,” said Al Bowman, executive producer and founder of the L.A. Music Awards. “She was the obvious choice to present this award to Senator Cleland.”
In addition to Americana Blues and Roots Artist of the Year, Patti will receive honors for Inspirational Song of the Year and Americana Album of the Year on Nov. 18, in recognition of her unique blend of folk, rock and crossover reggae music. In July, she performed five of her original songs at the world famous Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A., and she is thrilled to return for the “popular vote” on Oct. 7, and to present this special honor to Senator Cleland on Nov. 18.
Patti is a unique force in the music industry; blending world beats with classic American folk. Her songs were deemed controversial in the 80s and they still resonate today. “Patti’s music grabbed me when I first heard it,” said Al Bowman, executive producer and founder of the L.A. Music Awards. “It’s some of the most authentic music I’ve heard.”
Patti holds a unique place in the music world, writing and performing songs that are inspired by the world around her and rooted in world genres, including American Folk, Rock and Reggae. She is proud and excited to share her music with the world and to be nominated for the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards.
- Contact: Don Rio 773-919-5210


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Been Playin'
Still Playin'
Been Teachin'
Still Teachin'
We're headin' out on the road
See you on the highway.
The MAyne Stage Chicago, Illinois Nov 2012
Opening Act for Leon Russell
Opening act for Pegi Young
Summer Concert Series Wicker Park 7/21 & 8/18 2013
Patti Rain LAMA Showcase 2010, Whisky A Go Go July 29, 2010

Patti Rain
Singer, Songwriter, Painter and Poet

Born and raised in Chicago and educated at U.C. Berkeley Patti Rain took her ART degree, and embarked on a journey as a Peace Corps volunteer , when her music began to take root in the jungles of the Philippines. Upon her return to Chicago she emerged as a frequent performed at the famous live music club, The Earl of Old Town. After a time, Asia beckoned, and Rain left for Japan, where she played and toured for several years. While in Asia she returned to the Philippines and released her first single in Manila…
Politically and spiritually inspired, Patti returned to Chicago with her new music and was embraced & awarded by the Chicago Reggae Arts community three years in a row for her contributions to “Cross-over Reggae Music.”
Following a strong calling, she submerged herself in the trenches of the Chicago Public Schools, where she has taught, mentored, and inspired tens of thousands of young students in the Arts, while raising her own children. She has been recognized with two “Illinois Art Educator of the Year” certificates, and she received the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s “Power of Art” award for her work in art education with more than 1000 inner city children each year
Along the way Rain stayed connected to the source of her musical inspiration through Chicago’s historic Old Town School of Folk Music. She plays with the Bob Dylan Tribute Ensemble and most recently performed at the 2010 Taste of Chicago.
Now, after a long and very creative journey, Internet radio sends her music around the world on Jango Radio. Her album, “I & I,” is available on Amazon and itunes. Through Sonicbids Rain was nominated by the LAMA, Al Bowman, for Americana Artist of the Year. Her performance at the July 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards Showcase can be seen on YouTube.
Patti was inspired to write and perform her own music by artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Bob Marley and YoYo Ma. She has opened for Dave Mason, the Terry Collier Trio and Oscar Brown Junior. Her passion for soulful, stirring of folk and rock led her to write and perform songs that blend folk, rock and Reggae. Today she performs with the Bob Dylan Tribute Ensemble at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.
“Patti’s music grabbed me when I first heard it,” said Al Bowman, executive producer and founder of the L.A. Music Awards. “It’s some of the most authentic music I’ve heard.”

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