Patti Witten

Patti Witten

 Ithaca, New York, USA

If her dreamy country-pop sound seems perpetually about to slide into a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game," can you really complain? Her gorgeously gloomy, almost Waits-ian song structures promise a pitched battle. ( Editors' Pick)


Media News:
"Admit It" appears in "Crossing Jordan" Season One DVD from NBC/Universal
"Black Butterfly" hits 20,000 plays on Pandora Web Radio in the first 3 months of 2008
"Good Thing It's Only In My Mind" appears in ABC's "One Life To Live"
"Another Minute More" used in NBC's "All My Children"

Patti Witten's engaging acoustic-pop has both the intimacy and imagery of folk's "second wave" and the polish of contemporary singer-songwriters. Perhaps that's why Performing Songwriter, the leading independent magazine supporting songwriters, said her writing could serve as a guide for up-and-coming singer-songwriters.

Tell The Wind -- Patti’s third solo CD -- has nine original songs augmented by a pop acoustic version of "Dandelion," the Rolling Stones' Beatles-influenced 1967 flower-power hit single. It scored a Top 12 DIY review from Performing Songwriter, Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting Award from the Great American Song Contest, a Songs of Note Award given by the Indie Acoustic Project Contest, and 4 stars from Maverick magazine in the UK.

Along with reviews in Paste, Sing Out! and Dutch pop music magazine Heaven, Patti's previous album, Sycamore Tryst, also earned an Editor's DIY pick from Performing Songwriter plus a Spotlight DIY feature. Tracks were selected for compilations, notably Artists For Literacy’s benefit CD "Songs Inspired By Literature Chapter Two" alongside cuts from Steve Earle, Rosanne Cash and Tom Waits. Sycamore Tryst was a Top 5 of 2003 for Indie Acoustic Project and tracks were added nationwide on community and college radio, in several European countries, and they’re played in regular rotation on XM's "The Loft" and "The Village."

Originally from Connecticut Patti has lived in Ithaca, NY, since her college days. Trained in classical violin and flute and self-taught on guitar, she pursued a strong interest in acoustic guitar and alternate tunings -- she even took master classes with Oregon band members Ralph Towner and Paul McCandless -- but preferred the role of a sideman in local bands during the 1980s. Patti quit music in 1990 after the sudden death of her first husband, working as a graphic artist and illustrator. Nearly a decade later the hiatus ended when a homemade audition tape earned her a place in Rosanne Cash's coveted songwriting workshops in upstate New York.

Inspired by the workshops Patti's catalog grew quickly. Now it's hard to find a song contest or honor that she hasn't won. No fewer than ten songs from her 1999 debut, Land Of Souvenirs, won numerous awards including Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest. Working with longtime friend, band mate and producer Rich DePaolo, Patti went on to release a six-song EP named for their band, Prairie Doll, in 2000, followed by Sycamore Tryst in 2003. Cash contributed liner notes for Sycamore Tryst, saying, "I was struck from the first verse I ever heard her play. She is a gifted, original songwriter who delivers her songs with a clarity and strength that are quite rare."

All told, Patti's songs have earned more than thirty honors and awards from a list of international and regional competitions, and have appeared in several network TV shows and independent films. Patti has showcased at the Durango Songwriters Expo and special events during SXSW in Austin, TX, the Americana Music Association conference in Nashville, regional Folk Alliance conferences -- and she often gives thoughtful and thought-provoking radio interviews. Patti's CDs and downloads are available from CD Baby and Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and more.

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Stephen Bond Garvan
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Written By: Patti Witten

Hot flash of stupid love every time I see you
I thought I gave you up. I could confess but I don't need to cuz
it's probably obvious

I try ignoring you, I try to keep my distance
Can't change one molecule, my cells have no resistance, drawn to you
isn’t it obvious

My body language disobeys me
A blush and fumble just betray me
You are the one I want
isn’t it obvious

I try to let it go, I'm foolish as a flower
My heart beats out the code, a secret message everybody knows
isn’t it obvious

One awkward moment in the corner
one strap falling off my shoulder
You are the one I want
isn't it obvious

Solo over half
You are the one I want
isn’t it obvious
You are the one I want
isn't it obvious

Black Butterfly

Written By: Patti Witten

Drift on the wind, shadow going by
powder on a wing, black butterfly
Sip on the weeds, red yellow white
rest in the leaves, black butterfly

Sun on my skin, day burning bright
heat shimmering, black butterfly
Cricket in the grass, cloud in the sky
catch them in your hands, black butterfly

Dark to light to lonely, sweet to bitter
Dark to light to lonely, sweet to bitter

Lightning on a hill, blink of an eye
waiting for the thrill, black butterfly
Target on a wing, train whistle cry
fly on home to him, black butterfly

Dark to light to lonely, sweet to bitter
Dark to light to lonely, sweet to bitter


Written By: Jagger/Richard

Words and Music by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard.

You Can't

Written By: Patti Witten

You can't take the wicked out of the world
and you can't take the pebble out of the pearl
and you can't take the garden out of a girl
Take the bright with the blue
false with the true
It's all you can do

You can't take the junkie away from the joy
and you can't take the battle out of the boy
if you can't take the target out of the toy
Take the bright with the blue
false with the true
It's all you can do

Where does it go
why doesn't it last
Nobody knows
everyone asks

Can't take the changeling out of the child
and you can't take the stranger out of a smile
and you can't cut cut a diamond without a denial
Take the bright with the blue
false with the true
It's all, it's all
Take the bright with the blue
false with the true
It's all you can do
©2003 words and music by Patti Witten


Tell The Wind (Potent Folk 2007)
Sycamore Tryst (Potent Folk / I-Town Records 2003)
Prairie Doll (Potent Folk 2000)
Land Of Souvenirs (self 1999)

Available at CD Baby, Amazon and most download sites. Heard on podcasts and internet radio; also heard widely terrestrial radio in the US, in Europe and in regular rotation on XM's "The Village" and "The Loft;" also in film soundtracks and on network TV shows. For a complete list of radio stations playing Patti's music visit

Set List

Performance repertoire consists of selections from Patti's CDs. Set lists may also include these covers: "Dandelion" (Rolling Stones)
"Hejira," "For The Roses" (Joni Mitchell)
"Dream of Appalachia" (Valerie Carter)
"Louise," Goin' Wild For You" (Bonnie Raitt)