Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders


“Pat Todd is a true American Original. Raw, real and passionate - that's what I think of when I hear the name, Pat Todd. And boy do we need Mr. Todd and his Rankoutsiders, now more than ever. “ Eddie Spaghetti, The Supersuckers


For over twenty years, THE LAZY COWGIRLS were the undisputed kings of Los Angeles underground Rock 'n' Roll, releasing countless singles and albums for labels such as Sympathy For the Record Industry, Crypt, Bomp!, and Gearhead. Wayne Coyne, of The Flaming Lips, called them an "American Institution". The Cowgirls may be no more, but their founder, vocalist and songwriter, Pat Todd, has released a two CD set with his new band, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders entitled "The Outskirts of Your Heart". The album is nothing less than the culmination of two years of hard work, love and determination…

Produced and engineered by former Sparks guitarist, Earle Mankey (The Cramps, Concrete Blonde, The Beach Boys, Possum Dixon), at his home studio, “Earle’s Rankoutsider Wreckroom” (whom some have called the “modern Sun studios”), the album reflects the diversity of American Rock 'n' Roll, from raunchy rockers like "Alive as Yesterday" to heartfelt laments like "Christmas Day”. As a live band they are a powerhouse- playing one song after another, with everything they have to give. On any given night, they seem to stop time.


Our first release, a double-CD set entitled, "The Outskirts Of Your Heart" has been released through Rankoutsider Records. As the Lazy Cowgirls, Pat Todd released over twenty albums singles, and EP's on labels such as Sympathy For The Record Industry, Bomp!, Crypt, and Reservation.

Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders first single, "Just Another Stupid Guy", is currently receiving airplay on Sirius radio's , Little Steven's Underground Garage channel, as well as WMBR 88.1 FM in Massachusetts