Patty Benson

Patty Benson


My music is a delicate blend of funky, jazzy, sexy and soulful southern blues. My band performs my music with the color of funk, the shape of gospel, the discipline of jazz and the emotion of blues that grooves you right out of your seat, rendering each performance essentially a different show.


When people hear an incredible voice they assume that it was a gift from God. A gift is something that you get for free. My voice came from persistently training it over the years, forcing it to convey the melody that I hear and illustrating the emotions that I feel.
As a child I was told often that I could not sing. Fortunately I did not listen to those voices and the discouraging actions of the Choir Director as I was passed over for the lead parts in the few church choirs back then. All that mattered to me was that God heard my heart over the bad notes; and, that it made me feel so good inside to sing from my heart.
I started to write blues lyrics and perform them open mic after going through marital strife. I drove 2,666 Miles from California to North Carolina and penned that song on the same titled debut CD. I didn't want to put so much of my personal life mixed with fiction on that CD but I needed the emotion to convince my audience that I indeed had the blues. Blues is personal. And, thats why I love blues music because it is the purest form of heartfelt expression.
I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles area of California.
My father would play blues on his harmonica and bang out some blues on our piano. He was my primary influence. I was reintroduced to blues by Mr. Benson through the life I was living at that time with him. He collected great CD's such as: Big Momma Thorton, Big Maybelle, Koko Taylor, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters, Eddie "Clean head" Vinson and Little Milton. I intently studied their idiom:but, I grew up listening to Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Clarence Carter, Denise LaSalle and Esther Phillips and Gladys Knight for that deep rooted soul. They were always playing on the home stereo. However, it was Arthur Adams who had the biggest influence over me. He heard me sing over the crowd and invited me up to sing a song at the House of Blues in Studio City. From that point on my life changed dramatically and I knew that I must answer the call to perform.
My real start can be credited to Finis Tasby,and a local, the late JJ Jones who I performed with while in California. After moving to North Carolina, I performed with Roy Roberts, Skeeter Brandon, and Chick Willis. Recently I have had the opportunity of performing with The Foddrell's, the son of the Late Turner Foddrell of the piedmont style blues out of Virginia and I have shared the stage with some of the greatest Women In Blues on the 2nd National Women In Blues Festival.


Patty Benson, 2,666 Miles.
CD containing 9 tracks.
Lyrics written by me
Produced by Roy Roberts
Rock House Records
Published by Duece Dub Music ASCAP
Still in rotation with College Radio stations, XM satellite, Music Choice, Internet radio stations, Podcast, in the US as well as International radio stations.

Set List

A mix of originals and covers by Koko Taylor, Susan Tedeschi, Debbie Davis, Candy Kane, Etta James, Esther Phillips, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Ann Peebles, Betty Wright, Denise LaSalle, BB King, Tracy Chapman, Bobby Bland, Junior Wells, and whoever else I can through in the mix to fit the occasion.