Patty Weinstein Band

Patty Weinstein Band

 Katonah, New York, USA


Patty Weinstein’s musical backround is in both the Jazz/Popular music field as well as the Classical. She has a BFA from The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC. Her influences include; Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson, Bela Bartok, Joni Mitchell. James Taylor and Carol King.
She was The Musical Director and Composer of “How the Children of Noah’s Ark Got Their Feet Wet”, staged by the Contra Costa Community College in 1984. Her song “Say a Prayer” was recorded by “Voicestra” a vocal ensemble directed by Bobby McFerrin in 1990. Her instrumental composition “My Father’s Song” won first place in The West Coast Songwriter’s International Songwriting Competition in 2006. She was commissioned by HDR-FX, LLC., to write thematic music used in their 2009 production “Fly Fishing in Russia”.


Girly Girl

Written By: Patty Weinstein

Wanna be a girly girl
kinda girl who owns the world
wanna be that pretty one
wanna go and have some fun

wanna be a flirty girl
kind that likes to whirl and twirl
wanna wear those bright white pearls
around my neck where they will remind me

that if I really try I can fly
take these wings and soar I'm headed for the open door
I've waited for the chance now it's time to dance
one more second chance to see every wish and more

I'm in it for the long haul and even when there's shortfall
when the chips are down I won't be leaving town
you don't have to remind me that you'll be right behind me
you've given me the key the one that sets me free

This Time

Written By: Patty Weinstein

One way goes the other
one way another goes I'll follow you
One foot follows the other one
one is in front of me I'm beside you

This time this time
came right right on time

These lips are for kissing
kiss me with yours and I'll kiss you with mine
these arms are for holding
come hold me in yours and I'll hold you in mine

This time this time
came right right on time


Written By: Patty Weinstein

Closer each day you're getting closer
it seems that you are nearer to me
I've finally found you it's good to be around you
I think I'm getting over the fear

Looking back just gets me off the track
the train I'm riding on is going the other way
Down the line things are looking fine
the rhythm of the days are beating right in time

Now that I've found you
I'll wrap my arms around you
now that I know you
you're really there
But now I've found you
feels like solid ground too
This is a different world today


Bobby McFerrin's Vocal group "Voicestra" recorded a song I wrote with lyrics by Betsy Rose called "Say a Prayer" on a CD entitled "Toward Home" by Vocalist "Rhiannon". It was released in 1991 on Ladyslipper Records.

Set List

Girly Girl. Closer. This Time. Say a Prayer. Ticking clock.You.A World Away. Comfort Me. I'm Gonna. When I Fall in Love. Valentine's Day. Wishin You Were Mine.