pat waters

pat waters


Original Acoustic Singer/Songwriter who combines elements of folk, blues, jazz, rock and bluegrass in to a style that is driven by imaginative lyrics and brilliant guitar playing.


Pat Waters is a solo acoustic artist who draws on a variety of influences to create material that is truly original. Pat's unique sound can be directly attributed to his eclectic musical upbringing and vivid imagination. The son of two professional classical musicians, Waters was exposed to the giants of classical composition at a very early age. It wasn't until he was fifteen, when his uncle gave him a guitar, that his potential as a musician was realized. After just a couple months of playing Pat became consumed by the instrument, after school he would lock himself in his room and practice in to the late hours of the night. He learned Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn solos note for note, he taught himself to read music and learned movements from Bach Cello Suites on the guitar, anything he could get his hands on, from late romantic piano pieces to old time fiddle tunes. Just two years later he was awarded a full scholarship to study classical guitar at East Carolina University. For years Pat immersed himself in the study of all styles of music. He has performed Blues, Rock, Tango, Andean, Celtic and Bluegrass in various venues in the southeastern US and at a young age has developed a virtuosic mastery of the guitar.
Eventually the guitar just wasn't enough for Water's vision. Pat’s wild imagination and passion for words and fantastic stories led him to songwriting. In a short amount of time, Pat has crafted a slew of songs that address everything from love and heartbreak to slightly more obscure topics. For example, one of Pat’s latest tunes, “Circus”, depicts the suicidal thoughts of an awkwardly tall boy whose dream of becoming a Giant in a traveling Circus couldn’t come true because he just wasn’t large enough. While Pat’s songs blend a variety of genres and musical styles, they are all connected by Pat’s powerful voice and brilliant guitar playing. From slow reflective ballads to raucous, blues-drenched rock, Pat treats his voice and guitar as equal partners in his music. In a world of singer/songwriters that play the same three chords to every song, Pat’s progressive approach to the guitar in songwriting provides a breath of fresh air. Combined with a charismatic stage presence and uncanny intensity, this emerging young artist needs to be heard.



Written By: Pat Waters

The leaves have all fallen, still I remain,I find solace in the silence of the earth.
A northern wind approaches, Ice courses through my veins, still I find comfort in the bleak winter sky.

See you and I, were different, we thrive on days drenched in despair. It takes a frozen world to concentrate a mind that floats and flails.

December is calling as she tugs her icy reins I can't help but follow her as the seasons change.
There's beauty in the fraility of a decaying world, a world void of the memory of spring.

So long I've known you, yet every year things seem to change. The promise of a frozen world is the only thing that stays the same. Yet change is what makes us who we are and what we'll be, so I gladly let that winter air blow through me. I'll let that winter air blow, blow through me.

Set List

I generally do two sets at approximately fifty minutes a set.
Set I
Take a Chance Tonite
To the sea
Drove Thru
Back Porch
Imagine (Lennon)
What Happened that Night
Chelsea Hotel No.2 (Cohen)
Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
Set II
One Last Time
Breaking up Somebody's home(Albert King)
The Dream Floats On
Corina, Corina(Muddy Waters)
Field Trip to the Mad House
Through it all