Pat Wictor

Pat Wictor


Blues / Americana singer-songwriter, lap slide guitarist, improviser. Represented by McShane Glover, Noteworthy Productions 124 1/2 Archwood Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401 tel. 410-268-8232


"Pat Wictor walks onstage and sits down. He places a Guild DV-52 flat across his lap and begins playing slide guitar. The sounds are snaky and sizzling. He sings in a steady and clear voice, sometimes displaying a riveting falsetto. Soft-spoken and articulate, in the 1930's he could have been a dust bowl preacher. The sermons, accompanied by the choir of his slide guitar, would have brought comfort to many a soul...." --Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live.

Steeped in American "roots" music, Pat Wictor writes and interprets songs that draw upon the rural country, gospel, and blues traditions of our nation. His performances are anchored by his warm stage presence, clear tenor voice, and spontaneous guitar playing, including bluesy lap slide guitar. He can reach right into a listener's heart with songs of transcendence and tragedy, spirit and flesh, and always, hope.

Pat took a convoluted path to folk music, winding his way through rock, heavy metal and jazz. He started with guitar, shifted to bass, moved to saxophone and then quit music entirely before a return in 1993, a time when he also began composing songs. By 2001, he left a teaching career to pursue music fulltime. After years of quiet dedication to his craft, Pat is emerging as an important new voice. He has been featured at high-profile festivals - Philadelphia, Old Songs, Falcon Ridge - and the better listening rooms are starting to take note. He has released six recordings. His four solo CDs, done over the last six years, have garnered the most notice. In addition to his own tunes, Pat enjoys introducing his audience to the music of other artists, adding his signature with diverse arrangements.

It has been suggested that Pat is a man on a quest and it is an apt observation. In truth, he is in search of a better world for us all - in our souls, our homes and our universe - and he knows how important it is to enjoy the journey.

According to WPKN's Jim Motavalli, Pat Wictor plays "heart-felt blues-based roots music like the only begotten son of Bonnie Raitt and Chris Smither." Blues Revue has called him "daring and unusual," and Dirty Linen calls his guitar playing "masterful."

"Pat Wictor's songs, his blues-tinged slide guitar and mellow performance style impress the hell out of me. Watch out for this guy. He's a terrific new talent."
~ Gene Shay, WXPN, Philadelphia

2007 Finalist, Kerrville New Folk Competition
2006 Falcon Ridge Most Wanted
2006 Nominee, Emerging Artist of the Year, Folk Alliance
2006 "Love Is the Water" Nominated for Best Gospel Song,
Independent Music Awards

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Heaven Is So High

Written By: Pat Wictor

I can't hear the beating of the angels' wings
I don't hear no chorus of the angels sing
Got a head full of worries in this city full of sounds

Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Will the arms of heaven reach all the way to the ground?
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down

I can't see the face of the king and his crown
I don't see the light of truth shining all around
Sometimes all I see are shades of gray and brown

Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Will the arms of heaven reach all the way to the ground?
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down

I'm thirsty at the river, I'm hungry at the feast
I've tasted the divine and it tastes bittersweet
I will do my duty, but I'm crying to be found

Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down
Will the arms of heaven reach all the way to the ground?
Heaven is so high and I'm so far down

Whiskey Vacation

Written By: Pat Wictor

Daddy comes home late and unties his shoes
Sits in the rocker and turns on the news
I run upstairs and leave Momma with him
With his tumbler and rocks, and his bottle of Jim

I hear his voice, talking on 'bout his day
And Momma pretends she's got nothing to say
After supper there won't be too much conversation
Daddy is goin' on a whiskey vacation

Whiskey, Whiskey vacation
In the kitchen downstairs, Momma's pacing
And I try to play quiet, but my hands are a-shakin'
Daddy has gone on a whiskey vacation

The good nights were quiet, but some nights he'd be
Badmouthing Momma, then he'd start in on me
When he gets on a roll, three sheets to the station
Daddy is gone on a whiskey vacation

Whiskey, Whiskey vacation
And I'm shut in my room and I'm prayin'
But God, he don't answer, and all Momma's sayin'
Is Daddy has gone on a whiskey vacation

Now Daddy, you see, was the drinker next door
He always provided, we never were poor
He never lost his job, and never raised his hand
Respected by all, as an upstanding man

For years I have pondered, what makes people drink
The demons that haunt them, and make 'em feel weak
Hit the bottle myself, but stopped in trepidation
To keep from being lost on that whiskey vacation

Whiskey, Whiskey vacation
There's a choice every day that I'm making
So my sons and my daughters will never be saying
Daddy has gone on a whiskey vacation
Daddy has gone on a whiskey vacation

I Will Walk With You

Written By: Pat Wictor

I am owner of no light, and I cannot be your guide
My eyes cannot see through the unknown
I will sure and steady stride through the darkness at your side
I will see to it you do not go alone

I will take upon my shoulders your worries and your woes
I will walk with you down your darkest road
On your passage into shadows, you will not go alone
I will walk with you down your darkest road

When the briar and the thorn on your path are overgrown
And the dark heart of the wood is still ahead
I will swing the woodsman's blade, for to clear the brambled shade
And make passage for your tired feet to tread


When at last your weary head takes the earth for its bed
I'll watch over your sleep until dawn
But now hearken to the trees, you can hear the night-birds sing
Sing a song for wandering souls far from home


I will walk with you down your darkest road


"Sunset Waltz," 2008 CD
"Heaven Is So High....And I'm So Far Down," 2006 CD (#4 on FolkDJ)
"Waiting for the Water," 2004 CD (#4 on FolkDJ)
"Temporary Stay," 2003 CD

Guest appearances on CDs:
Greg Greenway, Standing on the Side of Love
Joe Crookston, Able Baker Charlie and Dog
Andrew McKnight, Something Worth Standing For
Spook Handy, Watcha Gonna Do?
Joe Jencks, The Candle and the Flame
Jud Caswell, Blackberry Time
Charlotte Kendrick, North of New York
Chris Chandler and David Roe, American Storyteller, Vols. 3 & 4
Abbie Gardner, Honey on My Grave ("You Got To Move")
Kim and Reggie Harris, Get On Board! ("Done Wit' Driver's Dribbin'")
Erik Balkey, My Sacred Heart ("If a Song Could Save Your Soul")
Todd Giudice, Little Known Secret ("Yesterday Is Simply Not Enough")
Ben Godwin, Skin and Bone ("Hook of Time")
Zoe Mulford, Roadside Saints
Sharon Goldman, Shake the Stars

Set List

Up to 120 minutes of music. Song selection currently includes:
"That's the Way It's Gonna Be" (P. Ochs / B. Gibson)
"Whiskey Vacation" (PW)
"Thick-Skinned Blues" (PW)
"Eventide" (PW)
"Song of Songs" (Pierce Pettis)
"Heaven Is So High" (PW)
"Rejoice In My Troubles" (PW)
"Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep" (Rich Deans)
"Love Is the Water" (PW)
"Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" (Nemiah "Skip" James)
"Where Did You Go" (PW)
"Raise My Voice and Sing" (PW)
"Gentle Arms of Eden" (Dave Carter)
"Train I Ride" (trad., inspired by Fred McDowell)
"Sugar Baby" (trad., inspired by Dock Boggs)
"Death Letter Blues" (Eddie "Son" House)
"Sleep Easy" (PW)
"I Will Walk With You" (PW)
"Shake These Blues" (PW)
"Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet" (M. Baumgardner)
"The Dolphins" (Fred Neil)
"Death Letter" (Son House)
"Oxford Town" (Bob Dylan)
"Ghost Radio" (PW)