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" song writing competition"

Patrick's song "River of Souls received and Honorable Mention in the 2008 songwriting competition. - Patrick L. Zyduck


CD Review: Pat Zyduck - I Never Wanna Meet Another You;

"I Never Wanna Meet Another You" is a fine folk album full of some well-written songs, great musicianship and some out-of-sight finger-pick guitar playing. Zyduck has this great gravelly voice without significant range, but he manages all he needs vocally with what he has. Despite any limitations its a very comfortable voice to listen to.

The CD opens with "Yesterday" a memoriam that is starkly beautiful and unsettling. "I Never Wanna Meet Another You" is full of regret at the time spent in a broken relationship. "Rain" is a beautiful musical metaphor that is impressionistic in its color and timbre. Other highlights include "Why, Jammin' in "D" and Make It Out Alive."

"I Never Wanna Meet Another You" is the sort of folk album that inspires unusual fervor in that particular musical community. Zyduck combines a fine lyrical sense with outstanding guitar workmanship and a "comfort food" voice. He writes with grit and a sense of reality that folks like Bob Dylan and Ron Hawkins are known for.

"I Never Wanna Meet Another You" is recommended listening for all of my readers, but particular for fledgling songwriters. Don't pass this one by.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Wildy Haskell

It’s always a renewal of spirit listening to your music my friend. Thank you... you sound amazing!!!
jo:) Founder of grace independant artists.

My good friend Pat Zyduck has just released a new record, and I’m listening to it as we speak, and I can tell you this: it is fantastic. Pat is the real deal, you wont hear any bullshit out of this guy’s mouth, and he is one hell of a fingerpicker to boot. I play electric guitar on "Yesterday" and banjo on "I Never Wanna Meet Another You", and I had a great time during the recording sessions. As a side note, you wont meet a bigger supporter of live, local music in the entire state of Wisconsin, so lets all show this man some support!
Singer/songwriter John Statz - Various


LP - I Never Wanna Meet Another You - Released April 2008



Pat grew up the son of a professional guitar player. His father started teaching him at a tender age and he quickly took to the guitar as if it were a natural extension of himself. Pat grew up listening to, idolizing and trying to copy the late, great Chet Atkins. He learned at a young age to use a thumbpick and continues to "Lay his thumb to it" to this day.

After taking a (much too long) break from the music business, he has finally come full circle. His true love (besides his lovely wife) is acoustic finger-style instrumentals.

A major change in his life gave him the much needed inspiration, as well as the subject matter, for a whole string of original compositions.

April of 2008, saw the release his debut CD and Pat is currently touring all around the Midwest and beyond promoting the album.