Paul Benjaman Band

Paul Benjaman Band

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Paul Benjaman Band builds on the classic sounds of their hometown heroes (Leon Russell, J.J. cale, Bob Wills) and expands their groove based genre to include most styles of american music. The group has garnered a wide fanbase & radioplay from their strong songwriting and live shows.


Described often as "The New Tulsa Sound", Paul Benjaman Band builds on the classic sounds of their 70's rock heroes J.J. cale and Leon Russeell and pushes the boundaries with funky grooves and a guitar-centric live show that often includes many guest musicians.

Paul Benjaman Band has been featured at nationally recognized events: SXSW Festival and Conference (Austin, TX), Fayetteville Roots Festival (Fayettevile, AR) NX35 Music Festival and Conferette (Denton, TX), Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival (Ozark, AR), Dfest Music Festival and Conference (Tulsa, OK), Tulsa Tough Bike Race, South 40 Music Festival (Topeka, KS), OkgreenFest, Backwoods Bash Music Festival (Mannford,OK), BlueBird Music and Arts Festival (Columbia, MO), Norman Music Festival (Norman, OK). They have also been opening acts for artists as diverse as Ian Moore, Junior Brown, The Heartless Bastards, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights and many others.

Paul and his band continue to play shows at some of the finest venues around, completing succesful tours through Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

Paul Benjaman Band has also been featured in several regional publications like Oklahoma Magazine, Tulsa People, Urban Tulsa , Tulsa World,, Jay Play (, Lawrence, KS) and the Current (Bartlesville, OK). Paul has received the "Original Okie" honor from This Land Press.

Paul Benjaman Band has plenty of touring experience and is in demand in their home town and around the country. Make sure to catch a show ‌ Cheers!



Written By: Paul Benjaman

I start waking and a catch the drift
Hear a sound from over the rift
Coffee’s black and my mind is swift
I’m Thinking ‘bout somethin’

Gotta get movin’ Gotta grip the wheel
Behind a rolling heap of steel
and feel the way I used to feel
Worryin’ bout nothin’

I was Born with soul that has no breaks
And I Lullabyed to the interstates
learned to speed on the straightaways
On our way to somethin’

I don’t care if the rain is hard
Day turnsto night, the haul is long
We’ll be dealin’ the diamonds and singing the songs
On our way to somethin

Well I think of someone that I used to know
It’s a legend that I’m searching for
Out where The sun is shining and the low creeks flow
Out there in somethin’

The journey goes both near and far
So leave your troubles where you are
You’ll be guided by the northern star
On the way to somethin’

So take our chances in the heavens knows
Your heartbeats now that it’s unfroze
And every stop on the side of the road
Tells you about somethin

So find you a map that meets your means
We’ll speed on by each snapshot scene
The road’s a collidescope of dreams
We’re on our way to somethin’


"Sneaker" album released November 2015

"Them Tulsa Boys" track appearing on Horton Records release: "The New Tulsa Sound Vol.2"

ALBUM "Something" Available Online on itunes etc.. and at regional retailers
Live @ 97.5 KMOD morning show 01/09
Stop me now- demo released 4/08
Bootleg from Bob's - live release 1/07

Set List

Set lists are tailored to the venue/event. The band possesses the ability to reinterpret most tunes for barroom burners or calmer settings. Classic covers of tunes are selected by venue/event, as jazz material is not beyond their reach, either.

PBB originals you may hear at a show:

dallas stars
flooding girl
house of the rose
i got some devil
my time
new latin
nor should you
shake your tree
shower song
T-Town Tony
western trailways
you better stop me
(and more)

some covers PBB plays:
magnolia - JJ Cale
They Call me the Breeze - JJ Cale
if you're ever in oklahoma - JJ Cale
woman that got away - JJ Cale
girl from north country - Bob Dylan
castles made of sand - Jimi Hendrix
don't let me down - The Beatles
i'm a ram -Al Green
Riders on the storm - The Doors
cripple creek - The Band
it stoned me - Van Morrison
(and that's just the tip of the iceburg, Paul Benjaman Band knows a lot of songs.