Paula Aubert

Paula Aubert


To name a few of my influences: Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Kathy Mattea, Gillian Welch, and Alison Krauss, Many folk and bluegrass artists.


Paula Aubert is a performing songwriter based out of Tampa Bay. Born and raised in the north woods of Minnesota. Her mother and father were always listening to music in their home. Paula attended many rock and metal concerts during her high school years. She sang in the high school choir, during which time she found her voice. She started playing guitar seriously at about twenty-one years old after giving birth to her daughter. Faced with being a single mom, this was one of the hardest things Paula had to face during one of the coldest winters in Minnesota ever. She stayed in her little apartment the whole winter and learned how to play guitar. Paula was determined. She felt like she screwed up her life because she was always such a go-getter. With a new baby the pursuit of music seemed unlikely. Paula knew it was going to be hard with no education and no money. She worked as a waitress while going to nursing school and eventually received her diploma in nursing at Northwest Technical College.

Paula fiddled around with the guitar off and on in her younger years but never knew she'd make a habit of it. Paula took an interest in song lyrics even at a young age she found herself looking for the lyrics and would get bummed if they weren't available in the liner notes. Paula had developed a deep passion for songwriting. She began songwriting in her early teens.

They moved from Florida to Texas. Paula began attending local open-mics and was performing around Austin while continuing to work on the songwriting. Then finally the production of Purdy Wings had come to fruition. After two years of living in south Austin.

Purdy Wings is an album that is a must have if you are a music enthusiast. Paula celebrates the highs and lows of her life through song. Her resilience and passion are undeniable. Drawing influences by Randy Travis, Patty Loveless, Hank Williams, and many musical influences of country, folk, and songwriter music. Purdy Wings has been in the making for a good while and these wings are ready to soar. There's a deep passion for music on this album and the need to bring some heart and soul to the scene.


Purdy Wings LP 2013

Set List

Solo acoustic performer