Paul Austin Kelly

Paul Austin Kelly

 Lewes, England, GBR
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The Great American Songbook and other standards brought to life by a star tenor from the Royal Opera, the Met and La Scala.


Paul Austin Kelly has sung pop and jazz all his life while making his living as an international operatic and concert tenor. He has sung leading roles and concerts in the finest houses in the world, including The Metropolitan, Covent Garden and La Scala. What makes him different from other classical wannabe crossover artists? He doesn't sound like an opera singer trying to sing jazz or pop. He grew up with pop, rock, soul and jazz. He understands it. It's in the blood. It's his first love and he gets inside a songs and brings you in there with him. The beauty of his voice and his vocal prowess is undeniable but the song always comes first.

He's also played trumpet and cornet since he was 9 years old. His influences are diverse, from Miles Davis to Herb Alpert.


Settle Down With You

Written By: Paul Austin Kelly

Settle Down With You
Words by P.A. Kelly

Check your email, Darling
I’ve attached my resignation
I’m resigning from my indecision
And my hesitation
I’ve left behind my wild and winsome ways
I’m longing to return to better days

I want to settle down with you
And watch the clouds go rolling by
And I’ll stop chasing every thrill
I’ll stop catching every eye
I’ll want nothing more than early nights
With dinner and TV
The ecstasy, the dizzy heights
Will come from you and me
I want to catch a different buzz
One that only two can share
I want to find out what it was
That made me end my last affair
I want to find that place deep down inside myself that’s pure and true
If anyone can make me want to settle down
It’s you

I want to cuddle up with you
And start my life over again
I’ll be with you and only you
Not only now and then
And I won’t carry on with what’s-her-name
The way I did last year
I’ll be in bed by ten each night
With you, my darling dear
I want to take a different train
One that stops outside your door
I promise not to cause your heart
To have such heartache anymore
I know you’ll help me find that place deep down inside myself that’s true
If you would only take me back I’ll settle down
With you.

© 2007 P.A. Kelly


Debut CD "The Song is You" released March 1st 2008. Paul Austin Kelly with The Kenny Clayton Trio, distributed in America by Newsound/Allegro and in the UK and Europe through Metronome Distribution.

Set List

The Song is You
People Will Say We're in Love
The Folks Who Live on the Hill/The Fool on the Hill
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Im wunderschonen monat Mai/You'll Never Know
This Nearly Was Mine
I Have Dreamed
Spring is Here/Rustles of Spring
All the Things You Are
Some Enchanted Evening
If I Loved You
With A Song in My Heart
Thou Swell
My Heart Stood Still
My Attorney Bernie
Do You Miss New York
New York State of Mind

We do one or two 45 minute sets interspersed with chat, anecdotes and informative background on the songs. 25 to 30 songs per show.