Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander


Paul Alexander writes lyric driven pop rock...songs you'll know, despite never hearing them before.



Named after Paul Simon, raised on James Taylor, transformed by Nirvana, Paul Alexander’s diverse heritage is clear in his thoughtful and imaginative narratives. Playing guitar since he was thirteen and singing as soon as he could speak, Paul almost immediately started writing and has never stopped.

High school bands led to Indiana University's Tintern Abbey, one of the featured bands on 2002 “Live from Bloomington” CD compilation. After four years fronting Tintern Abbey, Paul graduated into his current stage as a solo artist. Paul's commanding stage presence and lyrical savvy combines electrifying songwriting in the rock, funk and folk idioms, creating a most eclectic patchwork sound. But having achieved powerful lyrical and vocal chops is not enough; Paul Alexander aspires to make his own distinct mark on the world.

Since arriving in New York in August of 2003, Paul Alexander has been seeking his niche in the city’s noteworthy music scene. After exploring showcases and open mics across the city, Paul quickly became a fixture of several prestigious New York City clubs, including CB’s 313 and the Knitting Factory. He was invited several times to participate in the Midwest Music Summit showcases and was frequently asked to guest host a groundbreaking New York City open mic at the thriving Upper East Side locale DTUT. Increasingly, audiences, fellow songwriters, and music industry reps were singing Paul's praises, as well as his infectious songs.

In January 2007, he was the cover story in the illustrious East Village acoustic music publication, Urban Folk, and has become a columnist for the paper. This is just one of the ways he has given back to the New York musical scene. Paul Alexander is celebrating the second anniversary of his own weekly open mic in the blossoming Long Island City, offering fellow performers a chance to share even more of their talent as part of weekly showcases he books.

Among other endeavors (briefly hosting a Sunday Starbucks Music Series in Brooklyn, supporting fellow musicians on 12-string guitar), Paul Alexander and his new band continue to regularly play NYC clubs such as the Baggot Inn, the Knitting Factory, Pianos, and the Living Room. Paul recently released Despite Everything You’ve Planned, his debut album, produced by Benjy King and mastering engineer Scott Hull , while under the tutelage of celebrated vocal coach Don Lawrence. Evermore optimistic for what tomorrow holds, Paul Alexander is anxious to share his newest material and musical collaborations with the world – and beyond…


Counting Crows, Ani DiFranco, Ben Folds, Blind Melon, Live, Nirvana Bob Schneider, Duncan Sheik, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and U2


“I think your songs and voice are great. I think you should be contacting labels.”
-Scott Cohen (Founder and VP International of The Orchard - digital distributing)

“Despite Everything You’ve Planned is an honest effort refreshing in its sincerity.”
-Marla Mitchell (Eclectic Ink E-zine)

“Despite Everything You’ve Planned is a cheerful and honest pop-folk album.”
-Leslie Benson (Music Editor of NUVO – Indy’s Weekly Alternative Newspaper)

“Alexander attempts the profound…this is an exquisitely constructed album (Despite Everything You’ve Planned), which promises good things to come from the artist.”
-Jon Berger (Editor of Urban Folk Magazine)

“This is really outstanding work, Paul. I enjoyed listening and I want to hear more. The vocal performance is emotionally honest and very appealing. The lyrics are conversational and natural with enough little twists to keep surprising the listener…fresh yet natural sounding. You have a lot going for you!”
-Taxi A&R

“Great title! (Despite Everything You’ve Planned)”
-Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket)

“You (Paul Alexander) can sing. You’ve got the chops to do it — you’ve just got to trust yourself.”
-Don Lawrence (World Renowned Vocal Coach)

“I enjoyed his music very much.”
-Dan Herman (Radio Crystal Blue of New York City)

“A compelling new singer/songwriter.”
-Michael McHugh (Bookings at the C-Note of New York City)

“A talented and accomplished singer/songwriter.”
-Donald O’Finn (Bookings at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom of Brooklyn, New York)

“It’s refreshing to hear an inspiring sound & spirit…your (Paul Alexander) presence and songwriting abilities have a glowing brilliance and your sound is distinct and magnetic.”
-Anna Kaufman (New York Singer/Songwriter)

“I got caught-up in the Paul Alexander vortex.”
-Alice Bierhorst (New York Singer/Songwriter)

“He’s a real sweetheart.”
-Amy Hills (New York Singer/Songwriter)

“Paul Alexander is probably best defined by how deep his musical pockets are; which run the gamut from Guthrie inspired folk roots from the middle of the last century to the rawer, gutsier Rock and Americana-based songs of today. Pound for pound, Paul can tackle them all which


"You're the One"

Written By: Paul Alexander

Verse 1:
I love you
Without you I don’t know just what I’d do
And you make me
So undeniably happy

Verse 2:
I need you
It’s the only thing I really know is true
‘Cause you help me
Remember who I want to be

I wish the soundtrack of my life could be
Every word you said to me
‘Cause you’re the one (x2)
Yes, you’re the one—

Verse 3:
You’re my muse
I’m sorry if this comes to you as news
But you live in
Each and every thought that I begin

Verse 4:
And words can’t do
Enough to tell the beauty of you
But I can say
You more than take my breath away


Verse 5:
Don’t despair
No one else could even compare
I thought you knew
You’re the only one I’m draw to

Bridge :
You’re the only one I’m draw to
You’re the only one I’m draw to
You’re the only one—and I want you

Chorus (x2)


Written By: Paul Alexander

Verse 1:
A grain of sand in an hour glass
Time slips by us each day
So make the most of life, or just let it pass
Winter follows Fall either way

Verse 2:
And time will devour you eventually
But you will never know quite when
So grab a hold before you drift to sea
Today’s a great time to begin

You will never be—what you’re meant to be
You will never be, but what you’re meant to be

Verse 3:
As the seasons change so do we
But that’s no need for distress
Because as a seed becomes a tree
So can change bring true progress

You will never be, but what you’re meant to be
You will never be, but what you want to be

Fuck fate, fuck destiny
And all this banality
Just get lost in reverie
‘Cause in this life there’s no guarantee

Verse 4:
Because life is short but different everyday
So you can live in awe or in strife
But while you work don’t forget to play
And really live this life

Final Chorus:
You will never be, but what you’re meant to be
And honestly…
You will fall like poetry
‘Cause honestly…
You’ll figure it out eventually
And honestly…
That’s more than good enough for me…

"He Said, She Said"

Written By: Paul Alexander

Verse 1:
She said…
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Would you finally let me in?
And if you could take back the mistakes you have made,
Would you be happy in your skin?

Verse 2:
And He said…
What would I do if I weren’t afraid?
I fear most of us never know
We just carry on, apprehensions fade
As our passions slowly grow

Like a river to the ocean won’t you run to me
And help me take my life less seriously
‘Cause in your arms I’m feelin’ so carefree
Like a river to the ocean — won’t you run to me

Verse 3:
He said…
I can’t get these words out of my throat
They seem to be stuck so tightly
And it’s getting hard to keep myself afloat
I fear I’m drowning in your sea

Verse 4:
And She said…
Never mind treading water only
We’ve got so much more to lose
And I don’t want to be left lonely,
But I think I may have to choose


Everybody wonders
Everybody doubts
Some answers come like thunder
Others come like droughts
So treasure all your answers
But keep your questions secure
Your truths can become your cancers
While your longings remain pure


And he said, she said
I, I, I said…
Won’t you run to me
Run, run, run, run, run…
Yeah run
Ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la, yeah (x2)

And what would you do if you weren’t afraid?
I fear most of us never know…


Paul's first release "Despite Everything You've Planned" was released in October 2006, and has already sold several hundred copies both at shows and online at CDBaby and on iTunes.

Set List

Typical sets range from 45 min. to almost two hours and include primarily orginal compositions.