paula mcmath

paula mcmath

 Santa Monica, California, USA

I'm paula mcmath. I'm a singer-songwriter. My music is folk, Americana, and rock based. I try to sing what I can't say. I'm influenced by Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell.


Paula McMath hails originally from a small town in Southern Ontario called Kingsville. She has called Santa Monica home for the past twelve years while she has been finely articulating her thoughts in song. She says of her own music, "I try to sing what I can't say." The past two years have resulted in the writing and recording of her latest body of work which is called trust the sky.

Producer John Hanlon, who has worked closely with Neil Young, says of her recent work, "I feel really strongly about this music. I think Paula's voice, the lyrics, and the melodies are amazing." Paul Zollo, author of Songwriters on Songwriting and Senior Editor at American Songwriter magazine says, "Paula McMath is the real deal, a seriously great songwriter, gifted musician and inspirational artist. It’s heartening in these times to hear a songwriter so plugged into the source. If you’ve been searching for songwriter writing and singing songs from the heart, search no more –  listen to Paula McMath."

The CD release concert for trust the sky was recently held at McCabe's Concert Stage in Santa Monica. The musicians who contributed to the recordings, Ian Hattwick (Buddy Childers), Kim Woolford (Young Dubliners) , Doug Shreeve (Planet X), Robert Fernandez (Barry Manilow), and Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos) were all on hand to perform.

Rescue Records / Five Alarm Music, in Pasadena, has been successfully placing Paula's songs in TV and film. HBO series Everwood featured 2 songs from Paula's last CD [consumed and can't stop thinkin' of you] on their final DVD compilation. Music Connection Magazine named Paula McMath one of LA's Hot 100 Unsigned Artists 2006. Independent radio is a current focus for exposure of Paula's new music. She is also planning other performances in Southern California and Southern Ontario in the coming months.

"I grew up listening to my Dad's Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen albums - while simultaneously being exposed to Detroit rock radio - which reached across the Detroit River to my small town home in Southern Canada. Then came Joni Mitchell and, in the last 10 years, Patty Griffin. It blows my mind what can be contained in a song. I aspire to distill things down to as few words as I can and then to make them sing."

John Pozer, Cannes award-winning Writer/Director of The Grocer's Wife says, "Wonderful. Reminiscent of Joni... and there couldn't be a better compliment."


Trust the Sky

Written By: Paula McMath

trust the sky
paula mcmath © 2010

took a while to leave the ground
now I'm flyin' blind
tryin' to find what I haven't found
after all this wasted time
wind may blow the clouds my way
I always liked a cloudy day
I'm gonna trust the sky

can't tell no one anything
there's no warning loud enough
can't tell what tomorrow brings
round the corner it may be rough
it could rain for days and days
I love the rain anyway
I'm gonna trust the sky

there's a narrow open window
with no glass to shatter through
all there is to do is fly
even when you start with the truth
it can shift into a lie
you can let the feelin' stop you
or you can try

can't tell no one anything
they can't hear the wisdom yet
there's no one can steer your wings
even if you face regret
it may snow an avalanche
but I gotta take that chance
I'm gonna trust the sky


Written By: Paula McMath and Ian Hattwick

paula mcmath and Ian Hattwick © 2010

the night is blacker
the water deeper
and there's no where
for me to sleep here
I may look free
but what you don't see
is every moment
I am driven by a hunger

it's getting harder
instead of easier
this is the big bang
not just a teaser
there's no return
no where to run
if I could make one
could I ever love a stranger

is goin' down
not goin' later
it's goin' now
it's goin' fast
and I can't stop it
I had the keys
right here in my pocket
but they've fallen
down the shaft
and they'll be there
ever after
is goin' down
is goin' down

can't see the future
can't make it better
you want release from
the threat of never
can't make the need less
won't go away
for all our days
we will not escape forever

Without Ever Saying a Word

Written By: Paula McMath

Without Ever Saying a Word
paula mcmath © 2010

it isn't in the way you rest your head
on my shoulder when you come to bed
it isn't in the way you whisper then
that you're not sure how and you don't know when
it isn't in the way you sleep so deep
with all your dreams your own to keep
it isn't in the way your body shines
or how close you sleep to mine

it's in the way you hold me
it's in your warmth against the cold
it's in all the things you'told me
without ever sayin' a word

It isn't in the way you call me up
when life feels like it's an empty cup
it isn't what you want it's what you have to do
it isn't what you need it's who needs you
it isn't a stroll it's a climb uphill
it isn't a race it's a test of will
it isn't that static on the telephone
and it isn't only you who feels alone


it isn't too late to take what's left
it's yours to have so take the rest
as soon as you finish it isn't done
you can't even hold the air in your lungs

as soon as you say somethin' it isn't true
as soon as you decide time's decided too
in all things there's an open door to walk on through
and it it isn't what you did it's what you didn't do


3 Fights of Stairs

Written By: Paula McMath

Three Flights of Stairs
© 2010 paula mcmath

three flights of stairs like a crooked spine
running up from the ground to the the sky
the walls have burned down
none to hide behind
and even the ashes can't lie

there was sadness here
there was sadness here
three flights of stairs

three flights of stairs empty bottles of wine
rollin' round in the closets out of sight
the work's never done
but the money's all gone
but if you scrub hard enough it looks fine

there was loneliness here
there was loneliness here
three flights of stairs

and I shouldn't say this it should be left unsaid
but I can't stop the voices that formed in my head
as I climbed the stairs
to my childhood bed

three flights of stairs like a crooked spine
running up from my feet to my brain
the walls have burnt down
and I left that town
and I won't be goin' back there again

but there is memory there
there is memory there
three flights of stairs

I Feel Small

Written By: Paula McMath and Ian Hattwick

I Feel Small
paula mcmath and Ian Hattwick © 2010

I feel small, very very small
I can't say the things that all
the other people seem to say
every single day, my glasses fall
when I try to let them see
behind my eyes

keep getting lost, why am I so lost
I can't do the things that all
the other people seem to do
can't make it through, I fall behind
when I try to find the front
of the line

and this whole, big blue marble of a ball
is really very small
in the grand scheme of it all
but somehow it all feels
like a really big deal to me

I am alone, so all alone
I can't hide the things that all
the other people seem to hide
deep down inside, I long to find
someone who'll let me see through
his disguise
and this whole, big blue marble of a ball
is really very small
in the grand scheme of it all
but somehow it all feels
like a really big deal to me

and so I'm all small, very very small
but I do the little things
that other people don't
and they won't, because it's small
but oh, so very


CD: Trust the Sky [3rd]
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