Paula Morelenbaum

Paula Morelenbaum

 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BRA

Paula Morelenbaum is the Grand Dame of Bossa Nova. Her new Album Telecoteco is a contemporary reinterpretation, with electronic indfluences, celebrating the 50ies anniversary of Bossa Nova. Next to classical instruments, drum maschines and scratches are used, but the connection to Bossa never breaks


Paula Morelenbaum, the Grand Dame of Bossa Nova, achieved icon status after touring the world with Antonio Carlos Jobim´s band, the legendary Querteto Jobim-Morelenbaum and as part the trio Morelenbaum2/ Sakamoto. She has been celebrated in the greatest concert halls and jazz clubs in the world, among them Carnegie Hall.
Her current album “Telecoteco” pays homage to Bossa Nova´s 50´s birthday, but serves up a contemporary reinterpretation with electronic sounds and extraordinary arrangements. The Latin Grammy nominated “Telecoteco” has it´s German release in April 2010. Paula Morelenbaum will be touring Europe in autumn 2010.


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