Paula Reilly is new to the field of singing and music. Having practiced it for nearly 2 years, she is loving life and the advance of her creativity. She loves to rock the ethers as she sings those high and angelic vocals, or dance and drop to the furious pace of her beats and spoken word lyric.


Paula Reilly has studied visual arts for many years, painting mythology and nudes. Her desire to create music sprang up nearly 2 years ago. As she love the foundary roots of mythology, all of her music derives its influence from this field. She is a passionate dancer and fire dancer, who loves to make her own dance video clips that involve fire dance.
Loving life and always fanatically practicing music in the creative spirit, Paula Reilly has come up with some very interesting tunes. Recently she has broadened her field to include the higher range of the scale into her singing capacity. Always growing her capacity which includes a little dj work, singing, keyboard, fire dance and computer mixing,she has recently purchased an electric violin to learn to give that dynamic and orchestratic quality to her music.. Stay tuned..


Paula Reilly has many albums on itunes and other digital distribution outlets. Her latest albums include the new advance of her angelic high singing. She is on many websites to promote her music.- Reverbnation, Internet Dj.etc etc..