paul besig

paul besig

BandCountryAdult Contemporary

my music writing is varied but mostly country


i write my music and lyrics according to my life. i am 81 years old . i live in silver sperings, florida,iam a member of bmi


rock and roll

Written By: paul besig

i'm just a country boy living in the rock age i write the country songs but i guess i've got to change, i sent my demo copies to george and dolly to and also to tammy but they treat them like the flu.
no one wants to hearof a lost love and untrue or of a prison song or johnnies boy named sue, story songs are out even stardust takes its toll country has a funeral put on by rock and roll.
i went down to nashville with country songs galore even joined a music outfit every month i'd send them more, they even said they were good to others they would show but then the guys that judge them were born with rock and roll.
maybe i'll try branson where country shows remain and put my country music on the road to fame, i'll take my tapes and records and pray with my soul that hank's not been taken over by rock and roll.
i'll even write a book to lead myself to fame and every place i can go they will know my name, i'll even go to nielsonm for a rating and a poll and help write the notice of the death of rock and roll
rock and roll, rock and roll, no more country or country shows, no more release me or he'll have togo, rock and roll, rock and roll, rock and roll

our anniversary

Written By: paul besig

i love you dear this is our anniversary, our songs, our wrongs through time are in our memories, each day each way i'll love you as i did before through each year and each tear i'll love you more and more, this is the day our wedding day we bring ourthoughts from the past of the sickness and sorrows and happiness of a love that was made to last, golden or silver whichever day it may be, i'll always love you dear this is our anniversary

hello operator

Written By: paul besig

hello operator i've got to talk to someone, i'm all alone in this big old house and my world is all undone, mommy and daddy were togther this morning to me it was a beautiful day then we all went in to see a judge and he sent my daddy away, will my daddy just forget me and who will cheer him when he is blue and who will yuck me in my bed the way he used to do, will my mommy ever realize and maybe understand that her and daddys all i want not just some other man. will you please connect me with the one who's home is in the sky, the man who answers all our prayers and tells us reasons why, if i could tell him everything and show how things could be, he'd understand how very much my daddy neans to me. he'll bring them back together and join us all as one, hello operator i've got to talk to someone


records i wish i could turn back the years, puppy love,all i want for christmas is an easter bunny, i'd still have my arms around youi ,rock and roll,,hello operator,,our anniversary,misary,my daddys gone,a us girl like you

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i have written over a 100 songs