Paul Bezooyen

Paul Bezooyen


With 35 years of guitar playing and songwriting behind him, Paul is a well seasoned performer. Between songs his sense of humor sets up songs that tackle his inquiry into the human experience. He's comfortable being a SNAG ( Sensitive New Age Guy )


35 years ago, Paul was drawn to folk music. CSN, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Bruce
Cockburn.... Their music lyrics resonated with him. Over the years, his own style emerged and has continued to grow.

Keenly aware of how easily a singer / songwriter can get stuck in work that follows a comfortable formula, Paul is always reaching beyond his grasp, venturing into other styles and genres but remaining true to his musical identity and style.

His love for audience participation has caused him to favor venues that promote an intimate audience / performer relationship.

Until several years ago Paul has mainly done studio work, writing for public television and other audio visual productions. In 2006 he moved to Vancouver Island and established his own record label "The Hermit's Music".

He has recently released 2 CD's and is now focused on writing, and performing his own work, as well as recording / producing other local artists.


Paul has released 2 CD's:
1) Catharsis: Music for Meditation and Visualization ( Instrumental )
2) Water Under the Bridge

A live Demo CD is also available free upon request

Visit for info and samples
or go to CBC Radio 3 : www.

Set List

A typical set list includes music from my 2 CD's and new work which is a mix of strong guitar instrumentals and songs with thoughtful lyrics.

A cross section of Covers which Paul has styled to become his own include:
Circle Game - Joni Mitchell
Burn Baby Burn - Bruce Cockburn
The Times they are a Changing - Bob Dylan
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Michell
Mary Ellen Carter - Stan Rogers
White Collar Hollar - Nigel Russell
Devil Baby - Mark Knopler